What happend to cdfreaks.com?

i remeber cdfreaks was a cool scene site bringin
us news from the warez cd scene

but now its only boring news which you can find
anywhere else on the net if you like, and often news are
quite old

its just my opinion , be a real scene site again anything else is shit


well we didn’t obligy you to come here :wink:
There are several reasons why we stopped by posting news from the warez scene.

It’s hard 4 us to host such a site like these, and we need sponsors to keep this site alive, to pay our server, if we don’t do that, there wouldn’t be cdfreaks anymore. We had the choice, to stop or to get more legal, and we decided to get more legal. Becuz this place is stil a very well visited page, which causes alot of internet traffic which also makes it difficult for us to host it.

That’s life, sometimes it changes, and perhaps not everyone is happy with it, but there are alternatives for your warez news like http://burn.at/cddealers

Yes its true, CDFREAKS either went legal or nothing at all. I rather have CDFreaks then not have it, CDFreaks team are still working on bringing you guys more goodies, so please be patient.

yep uptown! there are other cool places where you can find such stuff! :wink:

SK rulez!

This was a heated discussion in the Dutch forum not too long ago and many people of course regretted we could no longer bring the news we used to do.

When CD Freaks was a little smaller it wasn’t as hard to find hosting as it is now. CD Freaks relied on free hosting deals for a long time and therefore didn’t need a lot of money from sponsors.

This site has become quite big now (330,000 pageviews a day, perhaps even more now; and over 60 GB datatraffic each month) and noone likes to host such a site for free. Paying for hosting that demands such datatraffic (and server load) is not cheap and has to be paid for by revenues of sponsors.

A lot of sponsors don’t like to be associated with illegal stuff. this is a second problem, next to the authorities who are presently really coming down on big sites that contain illegal information. No sponsors, no money, no money, no hosting, no hosting, no CD Freaks…

At CD Freaks we now try to bring you interesting information at one place (our newsposters search the internet for the latest and most interesting news). Add to this the articles we write (about Kazaa, Spyware for example) and we hope to create added value to our visitors.

And let us not forget this great forum where you can ask many questions, help other people or just have a good time and get to know people (which is especially the case in Dutch Cafe, one of the Dutch fora).

It would have been great if we could have the best of all worlds, but unfortunately this was (and still isn’t) possible. We had to make a choice and making choices means you will always disappoint some people, unfortunately.

Hope this clarifies our situation a bit and we can all enjoy this site and forum for a long time.