What Happen?



Ya I leave for awhile come back today and the Forum is different.Took me a few mintues to find this one.Why was this Forum changed and why was there no update that it was changing it’s look for myce.I do not like New Forum at all.What was wrong with the way it was before you changed it.I checked my emails and never got anything in the New look for the Forum

Do Not Like
Very Unhappy

Jeannie :a :a :a :a :a


Use the pulldown in the lower left corner & select the forum style you like .


A public announce was made about changes in the forum. You can read it here :slight_smile:

Any feedback is welcome of course :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear that Jeannie but if you visit the link provided by geno888 it explains the reasons why. So have a look and if you’ve still got any concerns we’d be happy to listen to any feedback you may have in there.