What guitar make is better?

… only joking… but as your here, what guitar make do you think is better

Bad joke, but you’re not the only one who can make bad jokes

It’s a guitar you connect to your PlayStation2

LOL @ the title and Mr. B’s post :bigsmile:

Sorry :o probably got your hopes up lol

Nah, I knew Shrink wasn’t gonna be worked on anytime soon…but I looked out of curiosity :bigsmile:

Shrink is called Nero Recode now, same author same program ( with a few changes, no decryption)

Ibenez especially if you want to learn 7 string guitar…great pickups and you can get them with a floyde rose floating bridge

yeah ibenez is a good make… cant believe i left out gibson :o

We have the technology to correct the title :stuck_out_tongue:

And the technology to add Gibson to the poll. :slight_smile:

BTW, I think that it is Ib[B]a[/B]nez, not Ib[B]e[/B]nez… (even if it is mentioned as Ibenez in many sites) :wink:

And I think you’ve left out Ovation as well.



You’ve left out a number of great guitar manufacturers. Washburn, PRS, ESP, Jackson, Ernie Ball MusicMan, Peavey, Kramer… the list is long! And yes, the Ibanez is a beautiful instrument preferred by many of the modern rock/metal guitarists. John Petrucci however, recently shifted from Ibanez to Ernie Ball guitars.

@ Dee-27 Thanks :smiley: stares malevolently at dee for changing the title

woops i did spell ibanez wrong… oh well

From a technical point of view, I’d say Ibanez rules. Gibson and Fender are classics and produce a sound the superior ones cannot. I do like other too… PRS and ESP/LTD for example…

Dollar for dollar, Ibanez are probably the best. I’ve played many, and they are just rock solid, especially the mid priced ones. My brother has a ESP, neck through body - beautiful guitar, but for some reason they put a junk floating bridge on it (Floyd copy - not an original). I played a PRS the other day - OMG, I want it :bow: !!! Still pluggin away on a eighteen year old Charvel. :slight_smile:

I have a soft spot for deans, so i got one for my birthday 2 years ago. Its a beautiful black v, and plays beautifully. My next step is to get a decent priced electro-acoustic.

I believe that the air guitar is far superior to all those already mentioned. It can be played magnificently by everyone/anyone. :bigsmile:

Yep, and I’ve got air guitar picks for sale. I’ve even got one that Hendrix played :bow: ! I can send it to you and postage is just a normal envelope :iagree: :slight_smile:

Excellent do you have any others for friends and family presents. LOL :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Acoustic? Can’t go past Australia’s own Maton brand.

I own a Fender Strat 1990 and a Epiphone/Gibson acoustic 2000 (both lefty’s) with Fender Twin amp 1985. Used to have a Les Paul Custom black 1983 lefty but sold it. Was broke at the time :sad:

Any of you here in a band?