What graphics card can I get for cheap

What is a good graphics card in the $50-100 range? (approximately 27-55 pounds for british folks) The cheaper the better. TIA for the help.

What are you going to use it for?

I guess you’re not planning on some heavy gaming are you?

I’d stick with either a cheap NVidia card (GF4 MX series) or a cheap ATi Radeon (9200 series). I prefer the ATi cards, as they give some better picture quality (in this category).

Are there any features you want/need?


Geforce FX 5200 128Mb $99.99 / Geforce FX 5200 Aslyum 256Mb $129.99 / Geforce Mx 4000 64Mb $59.99 / ATI Radieon 9200 128Mb $99.99

those are video cards i have… you can run Doom3 on the normal FX5200, on low quality of course