What good are scans? Nec BenQ

Same disc in Nec and BenQ. Scan a pressed disc and see how bad some are. Play’s fine on high defination lcd. Look at quality score in Nec ( 65 ).
Please explain all this disc scanning and disc deteriorating theories, that are plastered all over these boards.
Please dont tell me to use quality media, I used what most everyone here recommends.
Waste “O” time every burner will give different results and different scan programs will too.
So if they play fine isn’t that the real true test, why all the doctorate work on scans?

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It is simple. It is assumed that discs deteriorate over time. This leads to increased errors. After a point in time, yet to be determined, the number and level of errors will render the disc unreadable. The assumption is that quality media with lower errors will last the longest before becoming unreadable.

If one uses less than quality media, scans will show bad burns and crap media. If you try different media a lot, scans will show if your drive does well and if you use different drives, the same applies to helping choose the best drive. If you want to experiment with different firmware, scans will tell you if there is any improvement.

Some of us get extreme and search for the perfect burn just because we can (see my sig below).

Ignore scans from pressed media. The assumption is that they will not deteriorate over time in the same way as burned media.

One other thing, don’t scan with NEC drives. Stick with you BenQ. It is the only choice after Liteon (I know, you can pay 3 times as much for a Plextor).

Fine, I’ll take the bait :slight_smile:

First point, this is not a precise science and we are not dealing with professionally calibrated testing equipment. All drives are different. Two different drives with different optical pickups, different speeds, and different chipsets will give you very different results. Two drives of the same model number will give you significantly different results. Even one drive will give you slightly different results from scan to scan.

Second point, sure, the ability to read the disc in whatever reader you have in mind at the moment is the ultimate usability test. But it doesn’t mean error scans have any less value.

A good analogy is railroad operation. The Shinkansen system runs several of the so-called Dr. Yellow/East i maintenance trains every night to monitor track geometry and maintains a large database where the results of these monitoring runs are stored and analyzed. You could say, the track is fine, my train got to the destination without derailing, but that is not a good way to run the railroad if safety is a consideration.

P.S. You really waited 60 minutes for that 1x scan? :slight_smile:

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Disc rot or fade has only been proven in labs that expose write once media to extreme light, heat, cold, and moisture. Chemical changes in dye and failure of coating over the dye. So handling and storage seem to be more important issues unless you live in the future.
Phase change media cdrw, dvd+ _ rw as most know are the worst.
Pressed dvd media, the debate is on going as some think the metal layer will rot or fade actually chemically change and fail before write once quality media.
Don’t scan with Nec, use BenQ or Liteon. These are mass produced drives for $40.00. The accuracy of one over the other would have to be done in a lab with more expertise, calibrated equipment, time, and money to prove one is better than the other.
So if quality media is used and we are in the ball park for errors. Why would one care about 1x 4x 8x scans, ask any science teacher about round objects being round( Jitter ).
Point being if they play they should continue to play and not get worse except for the above.
Thank’s for the post.

But they do anyway, as has been proven time and again. Anyway, you asked so I told. If you prefer not to scan then don’t.

I just installed a 3550a, I have a LG4163b as well. I can’t scan with DVD info pro with the LG (not supported) so I wonder why the NEC gives poor scans compared to the Benq?

The NEC is basically not built as a drive for scanning, unlike the Plextor, BenQ and LiteOn drives. In my mind, trying to scan with a NEC is like trying to scan with a Pioneer drive: you can do it, but the test is basically worthless (with a Pioneer, anyway). Just from what I’ve seen and read, an NEC was dedicated to burning and reading, not scanning, so anytime you “add a function” after the fact (that wasn’t developed in the first place), there’s really no way one can trust it to give you valid, much less accurate info.

Take all scans with a grain of salt! I use the 1640 to compare media and burns only to see how my various drives deal with the media!
For example I have had great burns with cheap CMC media and great scans with the 1640 on this media! :confused: But I still wonder how a cheap media could out do Maxell MIJ and Yuden MIJ! :confused: Of course TY-R MIJ is scanning better than just about anything right now! :bigsmile: :cool:
All play without visable errors on my 61" HDTV!