What glossy paper is used for original CD or DVD labels



Hi. Not interested in inserts. Only A4 size paper.

I want to know the type of paper that is used in CD and DVD case labels? It is glossy and thin. Does it have a name or a type. Thanks.


It’s bond type paper like is used for magazines. Worthless for inkjet printing. I find that almost any decent paper looks much the same when put under the plastic sleeve. Go with any good quality inkjet paper and you’ll be happy. If you want something shiny, brochure paper is good. (HP sells one).

Personally I use cheap 28# copy paper with high-res printer settings and the results look fine when it’s inside the sleeve.


Slightly slow reply… but I agree completely.
Bond is only for high viscosity solvent inks, and useless for jetting with a desktop waterbased system.

Brochure paper will probably give you the best finish - find the glossiest paper you can - short of actual glossy photo paper which is too heavy.


I always bought glossy etc. photo paper but found MATTE Photo Paper by burlington printworks has a sharp printout for which I have been now using for jackets.


Once you put it under the clear plastic sleeves, they all look much the same, finish-wise.


I have to disagree very much on that CDan. I have been doing it for many many years now and have found the best overall is a nice semi-gloss paper I use hp everyday and similar about 6.5mil and 45lb bond is best any thicker or heavier is to much and no everything put under the plastic sleeve does not look alike. Anything more then a semi-gloss is to much and a matte finish is ok but does not match the original luster. I get professional results from this paper printed in standard mode. On canon and epson alike.
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