What games do you play?

hi im new to cd freaks just sayin G’day and wonderin if anyone wants 2 talk about wat games they play and wat consoles.

Hi SCARE, welcome to CDF, I don’t play many games but the one I am into at the moment is Tombraider Legend on PS2

It’s excellent, but 'm only 33% through it!

What about freecell? :bigsmile:

I play almost every game that comes out (been gaming since the good ol nes days oh btw that was two years after I was born). I am currently stuck on these game series, Half-Life, Tomb Radier, and Resident Evil.

Mind Games…

“Who says nothing is impossible? Some people do it every day!” - Alfred E. Neuman

i play zuma for money on mypoints.com

i earn 5 points on mypoints for every $1 i spend and tournaments are only $1 to enter. I usually win a whole lot more than I lose. I made an initial deposit of $10 and have earned 400 points (ie “spent” $80)

if anyone wants a mypoints reference, PM me. it’s your basic earn points to redeem for gift cards site, but I really like it. They’re not super pushy.

this isn’t meant to be a spam post. playing zuma for money rules considering i used to spend hours playing it on yahoo games and not earning anything for it haha

brickshooter :iagree:

I’m busy playing Prince of Persia the Sands of Time for XBOX. A good party game is Fuzion Frenzy. Other than that, i have a ton of old XBOX games that i’ll play from time to time. (Morrowind, Halo, Halo 2, Baseball, Basketball, Bard’s Tale, Fable, the list goes on and on…)

Lots of stuff on original Xbox (until I get my 360) and WoW, absolutely legendary game.


poker :iagree:

mahjong :bigsmile:

peugeot swf

cough beat airhead

ooops… :stuck_out_tongue:

What a ‘spot’ Geno :bow: :bow: :bow: , absolute class man :bigsmile:

Is he right ‘ciggy’ ???

i played allot of games but after i got World of Warcraft that changed, i only play WoW, but when ninty nine nights is out on the 360 i will push WoW aside for a little while (if i can)

Now there’s a blast from the past. I used to love that game. The problem was that when I would get to something like 25 wins in a row, my wife would have a go and lose the winning streak.

I had to resort to removing all of the shortcuts etc so that she couldn’t find the game :bigsmile:

As she became more PC literate, she found me out though :frowning:


Hey, I’m going to bump this old thread, since it’s the Holiday season and Santa brings new games and consoles to people :cool:
Bit of a change of emphasis though - what games are you currently playing and give a mini review of it :iagree:

I’m playing Champions of Norrath: Realms of Everquest on PS2, as a 2 player game (very sociable huh!). It’s an RPG where you are an elfy/wizardy thing who likes to kill orcs/spiders etc and complete quests. Fairly linear gameplay and quite fun but with too much teleporting about which gets annoying. Terrible voice overs - characters have weird fake Scottish type accents…
I’m about 2/3 way through.

I have many of the old arcade games on my computer. My current favorite is Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I thought they did a lot with that game, in terms of graphics and voice for the technology of the time.