What Fuse?

this is something that i just never used to think about until the other day, i noticed some of my pc cables have 3 amp fuses and some have 5 amp fuses, i never use the cable that comes with the component i just use whatevers already in or close to hand, i noticed the cables my psu’s come with have a 5amp fuse but i just use any old cable lol so it could be any fuse in there, what problems can i run into doing this? is it worth going round all my stuff and replacing the fuses with the correct type? if so what fuses should i use for which device? :confused:

I’d expect that the actual cables have their own current limit & the original fuse is the correct size.

That said, most PC’s suck about 500W / 230ish V = 2.5ish Amps, but less than 3A (690W) anyway.

The 3A fuses will protect your PC better as it will burn out quicker.

A 3A fuse may be borderline, particularly for system with power hungry CPU & graphics, lots of drives and fans, if run by a not very efficient PSU.

A fuse is not fast enough to protect electronics, nor precise enough to react to anything but the most gross overloads or shorts.

It should NOT be a 13A, but there seems to be a trend to standardise on 13A or 3A, while the 5A is often the right fuse for something that risks “nuisance blowing” of a 3A

thanks for the explanations guys :slight_smile:

hmm this is weird, i looked in the boxes of both my blue label hiper 580 psu’s and the fuses are both 13amp, but my new black label hiper 580 has a 5amp fuse? the only difference with these psu’s is the colour and that the black label has no led’s on the fan, the cables are also slightly thicker on the 13 amp ones

am i looking into this too much? i also checked the cables going into my pc’s some are 13 amp some are 5 shall i just leave em alone then?

I thought this had been sorted out by the IEEE.
13 Amp for heavy duty appliances and 5 amp for every thing else e.g., TV, Hi fi etc.
This has the advantage of you only needing to keep two types of fuse as spares.
The surge current can cause weaker fuses to over heat in time and blow when you least expect it.