What FREE software works best with AnyDVD?

I have AnyDVD and I’d like to know what FREE software works best for making back ups of DVDs.

Anyone ever heard of or used Super DVD Copy in conjunction with AnyDVD (6.1.00)? I’m trying to find a good (FREE) fit with the AnyDVD program I purchased, if possible, for making back up copies of DVDs.

DVDFab Decrypter is free. Or RipIt4Me. Super DVD Ripper isn’t even free.

Shrink, Decrypter, and Imgburn (need Imgburn to produce double layer backups that preserver the original layer break; you rip with Decrypter/Anydvd and burn with Imgburn for this) tend to be used with Anydvd without too many problems. I don’t know what the best freeware programs are to use with Anydvd. Maybe Slysoft knows, but I don’t.

Keep FixVTS and VobBlanker handy if you’re going to be using freeware with Anydvd.

With anydvd u can use dvd decrypter to make 1:1 backups or DVD Shrink if compression needed. Both are not longer distr-ed by the authors :frowning:

Which is why I don’t recommend them anymore. They’re deadware.

"1. Installation

These programs needs to be installed on your computer:

All programs that need to be installed are freeware.

* DVD Decrypter version

  If you don't have the final version of DVD Decrypter installed - download and install it first. You can download it here.

* DVD Shrink version 3.2"

-from the official ripit4me website.

…not that im trying to prove anything

You can use PgcEdit, VobBlanker, DVD-Rebuilder (freeware version) and finally ImgBurn to burn it. The first two are a little bit hard to use when you’re a beginner so have a read of the guides on their respective sites.

He has a ripper, he needs other things.

They are still very useful programs. I use DVD Decrypter to rip my DVDs with AnyDVD running in the background.

yes, even though their not supported, they can still be of use if you want to go with the free route :iagree:

Another one, MenuShrink.

If you can afford it, get AnyDVD and CloneDVD though. With all the deals Slysoft is offering right now, it should be very tempting to a lot of potential buyers.

You’re a little mis-informed there DB…Although Shrink and DVD D isn’t updated anymore, there is ongoing development around those programs being the nucleus.

DVDShrink now has the version that can call up IMGBurn,…and Shrink and DVDDecrypter are essential parts of the great freeware, RipIt4Me.
DVDDecrypter is still one of the best rippers around when used with AnyDVD.
DVDShrink is noticeably superior in terms of quality when compared with CloneDVD and works fantastically with AnyDVD.

I love Slysoft products CloneCD, AnyDVD, CloneDVD Mobile…but was disappointed with CloneDVD’s performance.

hey why are you dissapointed in clonedvd compared with dvdshrinks. is dvdshrinks
finished product better or do you just have more options with dvdshrink??

The answer to this question is a resounding YES. Although CloneDVD2 is very easy to use due to its very intuitive user interface and faster than DVDShrink when transcodiing, DVDShrink is very powerful in re-author mode with many very useful options not included in CloneDVD2. And DVDShrink does a noticeably superior job of transcoding when using deep analysis on a title requiring significant additional compression (say 75% or lower as compared to the original title).
The only option in CloneDVD2 that I wish was available in DVDShrink is the ability to retain menus in re-author mode. CloneDVD2 can also handle some problems left behind by ripping operations with certain programs occasionally (such as AnyDVD), whereas DVDShrink requires a perfect set of files to work with. Also keep in mind that CloneDVD2 has the ability to burn your dvd’s (DVDShrink is not a burner), so you would need a burning program also if you go with only DVDShrink. Imgburn is highly regarded and is also free.

And to the person who thinks DVDShrink is “deadware” - it is a superior program to most of what you probably consider “liveware” today. The same comment applies to DVDDeCryptor - it is an awesome program and probably the most reliable ripper available even today when used in conjunction with RipIt4Me/FixVTS.

To the original question, I’d suggest using both CloneDVD2 and DVDShrink as they each offer valuable strengths, and you could then do your burning with CloneDVD2, if it is reliable on your system. If free is mandatory - try DVDShrink and Imgburn.

For me, I like simplicity, but also quality and that keeps me using a combination of:
AnyDVD for the decryption side of things.
CloneDVD2 for ripping out menus, splitting, nuking PUO’s and such.
DVD Decrypter for ripping to ISO’s
DVD Rebuilder with CCE or HC when I need to compress/re-encode.

Clonedvd2 can create ISOs as well.

VOBBlanker works well with AnyDVD and it can cut VTS’s and PGCs and still retain the menus as well.

So can add VOBBlanker to Shrink and IMGBurn as great free programs to use with AnyDVD… :wink:

I agree - but I don’t generally recommend it to newer users as it is not very easy to use without some study and practice.

You’re right, but all of us had to learn things at one point or another, so why not try and start now… :bigsmile: :wink:

If free is a must
Dvdshrink and VOBblanker are good progs to try
however both of them will occasionaly fail to read a Sony protected disk even with AD running

for a longtime I used AD = dvdshrink without prob;em
when Bros Grim came out, dvd shrink could not open it and members here suggested clondvd2, it worked when almost nothing else did
and ever since then going on 2 years, haven’t a single title I wasn’t able to rip to disk with most current AD or Cdvd