What forum to sell a DVD burner?

I have a couple Benq 1640 burners I’d like to sell. They were (are) very popular burners here on the forums, so I think I’d be able to find a buyer. Is there a sub-forum here where I can list these for sale? I did a search and came across a post about a “classifieds” forum, but the link doesn’t work…

Sorry, no, we don’t sell items in these forums, nor do we allow links to your own ebay auctions, so you can’t advertise an auction listing here either.

If someone is interested in your drives because of this thread you’ve started, they may contact you through a private message. But that is entirely out of the control of this forum and its administration. We would [B]not[/B] guarantee your actions in such a deal, nor the actions of anyone who contacts you.

No communication about the drives will be allowed in this thread, so it may be best to simply close it now. I will wait a few minutes to see if you wish to post another reply before doing so however.

OK, no problem. You can close this thread.
If anyone wants the drives, PM me.

Ok. I’m shutting 'er down.

The admins may want to delete the thread at some point, seeing as I’ve probably allowed too much already. :slight_smile: