What format is the Karaoke-CD per LiteOn?

I see from the features and specifications of the 165P6S and the 165H6S that they support Karaoke-CDs.

I always thought that Karaoke CDs were in the CD+G format which the Nero Info Tools shows as Not Supported.

So, what format is Karaoke-CD? And then what is the CD+G format used for?


No one knows what CD+G is used for?

I just checked.

CD+G is CD Plus Graphics used for Karaoke.

So back to my original question - Why does LiteOn say they support Karaoke CDs and Info Tool says no CD+G?


some drives do not report their capabilities properly to tools like Nero Infotool. More important are the specs published by the drive manufacturer.


That seems to be firmware related. For example firmware F$01 for SOHD-16P9SV DVD-ROM drive reports CD+G in Nero InfoTool. The latest firmware F$02 for the same drive doesn´t. If it really supports it I don´t know.


Did anyone find this answer, as the same thing is still happening for current LiteON drives as indicated by the LH-20A1P preview with Nero InfoTool and LiteON’s website.

I would like to get one of the recent liteon DVDRWs but not if it doesn’t support read/write of CD+G/Karaoke CDs.


LiteOns definitely support writing them - on one of our family PCs, we use another drive for reading them, and a LiteOn (1635S) for writing them, the discs come out perfect.

I’m more than happy to test whether a 20x LiteOn will read CD+G, but I wouldn’t be able to do it til Tuesday (I have no CD+Gs on hand here) :wink:

Excellent, could you please do that read test, would be most appreciated!

I kind of thought that it would be able to write it as I understand it can write DAO-RAW/96.

I can actually do it tomorrow, not Tuesday (I can get my mum to bring me a CD+G) - I’ll post back here sometime tomorrow when I’ve done it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the offer, but you probably don’t need to do the test as it would likely work.

Your drive (a variant) is actually listed as being able to read CD+G in InfoTool:

So hopefully someone with knowledge of the newer drives which report no CD+G in InfoTool can answer.

Thanks for the info on that, I’ll pass that on since we didn’t know it was possible with the 1635S - my 20x one according to InfoTool though, cannot read CD+Gs…which is why I’m still interested in carrying the test out, to see if it’s telling the truth :wink:


This may be a bit O/T, but I am guessing the LH drives cannot read these discs.
I haven’t performed the test on my LH-20A1P, but I did perform the test on my LG H12N about six month ago.
The LG cannot read the sub-channel data–which agreed with Nero Info Tool.
I had to use my old ASUS cd writer to read the Karaoke + G disc.
I think any drive that supports writing RAW, can write these disks–but for some reason reading RAW doesn’t work if its(CD+G) not supported.

correct, CD+G is used for Karaoke discs, but were also used for CD32 discs earlier,

Like uSerkey wrote, it is a good idea to take an oldish cd-burner and use it for CD+G. :wink:

Hehe, not necessarily old! :D…but I’m guessing uSerKey is right about the LH drives, though I forgot to test today :doh:

We use a Samsung SH-S162L to read them, and the LiteOn 1635S to write as mentioned above…my NEC 4551A supports them as well. :slight_smile:


Did you get a chance to test it with your LiteOn LH? It appears from the evidence I see that the CD+G reading in Nero InfoTool may have disappeared again at around the same time that DVD-RAM writing support was added to LiteOn drives.

Test coming in about 3 hours when I can get someone to drop a CD+G to me. :wink:

I just re-read a test about this drive, it reads any protected cd without a hitch, so CD+G probably shouldnt be a problem…

Funny you should say that :wink:

Isn’t it strange what a real-world test will show, rather than what InfoTool reports:

Tested the drive both ways. First I read the CD+G with my NEC, burned with the LiteOn LH-20A1H - no problems, the disc played back flawlessly.

Next I tested whether the LiteOn would read the CD+G, and burned it with the NEC - again no problems.

So the LH-20A1H at least, will read and write CD+G :smiley:

Great, thanks for the check!

Does anyone know where I can get CD+G discs to test this on another drive I have?