What format do DVD recorders store data?



I have got a load of camcorder tapes I want to transfer to DVD.
I have 2 options:

  1. I’ve got an ADS Instant DVD “box” to connect to the computer, connect the camcorder to that & transfer it to the hard drive, or
  2. Go out & buy a DVD recorder & record it to disc, then transfer it to computer and play around with it in TMPGenc.
    So far, it seems the DVD recorder is the easiest option, but what format does a standalone DVD recorder record in?
    The ADS Tech device seems to be a bit temperamental (it’s all connected, but the computer doesn’t even “see” it when I start “CapWiz”) so I don’t know which route to try & follow.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


DVD recorders all use some form of MPEG2. Not the best stuff to edit, but if what you want is simple cuts editing there are several decent MPEG2 editors (Womble makes a couple and another is Video ReDo).