What Flavor Does The H22N Like Best?



I am sure that this topic has been covered probably more than once. So please bear with with me. I have a LG H22N burner and I normally use Verbatim MCC-004 16x DVD’s. But due to financial reasons, I’m unable to purchase the good stuff so to speak.Where I live, I have available, Maxell, Sony, and Memorex flavors. I believe I’ve had problems with Maxell in the past with skips and freeze ups on my burns. So that leaves me with a choice of 2. Any advice on this question would be appreciated or a link to a thread dealing with this question. Thanks for your help. This forum is great with advice. Mike :clap:


Memorex is a total craphoot, you never know which discs you get (can be MCC, CMC, Prodisc, Ritek… [I]anything[/I]!) - don’t bother.

So in your case, I’d go for the Sonys I guess.

Though maybe if you tell us where you live, we can help in finding MCC004 Verbs at a nice price… :slight_smile: - I’m actually surprised that the Verbs would be more expensive than the Sonys and Maxell, here it’s the opposite. :confused:


Thanks Francksoy. The problem is more the availability. I live in a small {little} town in Ar. It’s 75 miles to a good sized town. And then back again, LOL. All we really have around here is a Wal-Mart and they don’t sell Verbatim MCC-004’s , just some DL’s at 13.00 for 3. So I’ll settle for the Sony’s until I can get out. Again, thanks


Ar. => ??? :confused: :confused:
Arkansas, maybe?

My question was more like, are you in the US, Europe, Australia… :wink:

Why? because the best way to buy your media (choice and prices) is, most of the time, from online shops.
If you’re in actually in the US, check Rima or Supermediastore. Both have a good reputation in this forum.


That would be Arkansas I’m afraid. We like to think that we are a country unto ourselves, LOL. Just kidding. But like I said, it’s very rural. Thanks for those two places to check out. I appreciate it and will look them up. Hopefully I’ll find a good price on Verbatim’s. :iagree:


I have just bought a H22N. Verbatim +R MCC004 gives the best results with my other two writers, a Liteon LH-18A1P and a Philips DVDR1648. The H22N seems to prefer TDK branded TDK003 discs. This is good news for me because the TDK discs are easy to find and relatively cheap. I will post a scan later today at: http://homepage.eircom.net/~ei9gq/tdk.png



I forget to mention that these discs are 16X +R in blue TDK packaging. The discs are non-printable with a blue coloured top.