What firmwares should i use?

hello im a bit of a newbie to this oc of cd writers, so can you please help with some info links etc.

  1. i have a memorex twelve max, which i understand is a lite-on. which firmware should i use with this drive to get the best possible performance, but i want accurate results, speed is not important. i mainly use the drive to backup games and audio.

  2. i also have a lite-on 40125s, which firmware should i use for this drive, based on a similar use. i would like sd2 backups to be usable on my other machines if possible, this goes for both writers.

Memorex 12maxx cannot backup SD2.51, even with AWS enabled. Maybe this is fixed with “real” LiteOn firmware, but I don’t know.

It’s usually a good idea to use the latest firmware available.

should i overclock my drives or will this decrease the accuracy of my recordings?
if it doesnt affect quality, which firmware and method should i use?

Your memorex can be converted into a real LiteOn, but cannot be overclocked.

Your 40125S can be overlocked if it has a ZSxx firmware. You can then use VS02 or VS06. Some people report better results with VS02, others report better results with VS06 (especially when using CMC discs). You can do nothing but try.
There are no problems with the burning quality as long as you use good media. If you use crap media, the buffer underrun protection might fail.

If you don’t like the result, you can easily reconvert your drive.

i have a ricoh mp7200a at work is this overclockable?