What firmware to use for NEC AD-5540A?

Hi, my NEC-6650A died a few months ago and seeing as how I really loved the performance of the slim burner, I recently bought the Optiarc AD5540 from Newegg for my Inspiron 9300. It detected just fine and seems to be running well.

However, I’m unsure what firmware version I should use to flash my new burner. I’ve looked at the sticky thread for firmware and noticed Liggy’s and Dee’s firmware–I was just wondering if the modified firmware is safe to use? Right now Infotool tells me that my firmware is 2.01 but I can’t tell if that’s outdated (since the NEC site doesn’t seem to have any firmware for the 5540A). Any help/information would be great, thanks!


I have a AD-5540A too.
I’m using Liggy’s and Dee’s 2.01bt firmware and it works fine.
There are the dell’s 1.02C and 1.03C firmware but I never tried on my Optiarc.

I also used the Media Code Speed Edit by ala42 on the 2.01bt fw to change the strategy and improve my burns on some media.

The good thing about dell’s firmware is that it supports more media.