What firmware to use for H10N or crossflash to H12N?

Hi gang, my benq 800a kicked the bucket after 3 years of use and 2000 burns later. I ordered a discontinued lg H10N for $8cnd, should arrive on this week.

Should I flash to the lg JL12, TDB hitachi JJ11 or cross flash to H12N TDB UJ12?

If you want to keep your warranty, flash to the LG JL12.
If you don’t mind losing it, you can directly crossflash to UJ12.

However, I recommend doing a few test burns before crossflashing so you might be able to return it if it is a DOA drive.

I flashed my H10A to H10N using TDB JJ11 After over a thousand burns I flashed it to the H12N and was never happy with the results so flashed back to H10N JJ11.
I would not consider flashing to the H12N again.