What firmware should i use?

hey guys. i currently have the MadDog firmware in my NEC 3500ag. working fine…

Problem, i just got 400 DVD’s. 200 are - and 200 are +. there 8x. there Benq’s…they only burn at 4x! using nero or Alcohol120…

will the Liggy’s v2 beta 6 help me out?
or is there another i should be looking at?
any help would be great. thanks!

Depends on what media ID those discs are running. I’d flash to Liggy & Dee’s v2 beta 6 firmware myself and give it a try. If nothing else you can always flash back to the original Mad Dog firmware later if it doesn’t give you the results you desire.

ive been trying to figure out what Media ID they are. and i can’t!
what program do you use to do this? ive tried whatever is built into nero and alcohol and i haven’t found nothing yet…


Thanks for the DVD identifier.

i am now with the new 2.18 i upgraded to. burn at 10x or so on the + discs, however the -'s just 3x :frowning: errrr
the negs are Fuji and some are Daxon discs…

however thanks guys