What firmware should i use?



ok, i just bought a NEC 3500 not too long ago, and i was wondering what firmware i should use to backup my dvd (mostly).
i have some DVD+R 8x fujifilm YUDEN000 T02
i’m totally new at all that, i’ve been using nero and dvdshrink 3.2 to backup my dvd, but i have some glitches toward the end.
what should i do?
what firmware should i use (bitsetting…)


try the “Extreme” firmware, works for me


the “extreme” firmware? where could i find that?

would it work fine with my type of blank media?
by the way, what speed should i use to burn?



fujifilm03 is no good at 12x tho


Try Using Dee-27 and Liggy firmware. I find it to be the best.


If you are using mostly ty media you don’t need to use truley moded firmwares. I would recomend (for your purposes) sticking to a firmware with just rpc1, riolock removed, and bitsetting enabled…ie, 218btrpc1 which can be found here: http://www.micheldeboer.nl/firmware/218btrpc1.rar. Those other firmwares contain speed hacks for media that you are not using. TY media burns awsome with stock 2.18 write stategies. Their is no need to use “experimental” firmware unless you are using media that requires it.

That being said, I am currently usind LD V2 beta 2 and have had no stability problems at all.

Happy burning…


Ok but at what speed should i burn? at the speed it says on the disc (8x) or at 12x, 16x??
i’m trying to read as much as i can about all that stuff that is totally new to me, but there is so much i can take each day, that’s why i need some help


YUDEN000T02 discs mostly give good results at any speed from 8x - 16x… but I recommend burning them at 8x just to be on the safe side.


ok but with what firmware?? 218btrpc1, LD V2 beta 2, LD V2 beta 3, or just with the official firmware?


Here’s the link
run the .exe
select flash
don’t reboot until the flash is completely done


ok, i flashed with the link that keytotime gave me
i should be fine now right?


YUDEN000T02 is fine with all 2.18/2.28 based firmwares… The hacked firmwares don’t change anything about this media code.