What firmware should I have?

Hello everyone. I just had my burner replaced with a HL-DT_ST DVDRAM GSH-4160B. Could someone please tell me what the best firmware is that I should have for this drive? - I really know next to nothing about computers, but I am trying hard to learn. I have been informed that this is an older model, and am having problems burning +dvds in DVDFab Platinum. Thanks in advance!

Read the LG FAQ.

Sorry, I can’t find the LG FAQs, could someone please supply me with a link? Many thanks. Whoops! - I found it.

Cannot find model “GSH-4160B” on thier official website, could it be this one “GSA-4160B”. Have a look here.

GSH = OEM / GSA = Retail i believe. Both have different f/w’s.

GSH? Never heard.

OEMs are GWA, GMA etc.
Retail is GSA.

Your right. I never heard of GSH either :bigsmile: :doh:

Sorry, it is a GSA - 4160B, I can’t read my own printing! Is this burner any good? I originally had a Sony DVD RW DW - Q30A that wasn’t finalizing discs properly, some show empty and some show open. The computer company I bought my system from said they would replace my burner under warranty - system less that a year old. This burner is what they replaced it with. They say that it is brand new and must have been sitting on a shelf somewhere for 3 years. (?!??) Anyways, it won’t burn +R DVDs in DVDFab or Nero (-R DVDs seem to work ok). In Nero I get a message - PMA Update Failure & Session Fixation Error, Could not perform end of Disc-at-once. Will updating my firmware fix this?

It’s not a bad burner, but somewhat old now :slight_smile:

As for the errors, what media are you using? LGs can be fussy about good discs.

Regarding firmware…what firmware are you using now? Nero InfoTool will give you this info :slight_smile:

I think A306 is possibly the latest.

The + media I am using is Memorex. I know they are not great, but I didn’t want to buy a bunch more if I can’t use them. I have a couple of Maxell +Rs. Should I try one of these? I have A301 firmware.

Yep, try the Maxells…Memorex aren;t great and it could be that the LG has taken a dislike to them (my LG, for example, hates RICOHJPN D01 coded 8x +R DL, won’t even attempt to burn them, whereas my other burners will complete a burn…it also hates certain Ritek codes).

If that fails as well, I’d say go ahead and update to A306, can’t do any harm. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Hi, I’m back again. I tried burning a Maxell + DVD in Nero and got the same error message - PMA Failure update…Could not perform end of disc-at-once…Session fixation error. I didn’t mention before that I used to be able to burn at 16X speed or maximum etc. Now I only have 2 choices 2x or 4x. Is this because I have A301 firmware and not the current one?

Yep, a firmware update will more than likely fix the speed thing - it would appear that your current firmware doesn’t support the media properly, and is offering a default write strategy (which isn’t usually very good).

I’d go ahead, update, and try again :slight_smile:

I’ve updated my firmware to A303 - from A301. (I didn’t update it to A306 because I heard that it may remove a few things.) Anyways, my burn speed in Nero is still showing 4x or 2x for -R dvds. Is there something else I am supposed to do? This upgrade doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

Make sure DMA is selected in Device Manager and drive is connected with an 80 wire cable.

Go right up to A306, and check your DMA is enabled as per the link in my sig.

I’d say it’s still firmware related though, if you’re not even offered the coice of other speeds. :slight_smile:

Edit: hahaha, steven2874 beat me to it :bigsmile:

Hi, I checked my DMA and both primary and secondary have DMA enabled. I did notice that the Current Transfer mode is different for them though. The primary is Ultra DMA Mode 5 and the Secondary is Ultra DMA Mode 4. Is that a problem? As far as using an 80 wire cable, I’m not sure what I am looking for.

I’m not sure, but I think your burner should be UDMA2, is there one that says that? Otherwise, absolutely fine - I’d update the firmware further. :wink:

Hi, I think that it worked!!! I updated to A306 firmware and I have burned one +R Memorex dvd in Nero at 12x write speed. I have also burned 5 +R’s in DVD Fab. All went well, except for the 5th disc which was left open instead of closed. Hopefully, that open one was just a one time occurance. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to offer advice. Special thanks to Arachne for your patience and help!!!