What firmware should I be using for...(NEC3500AG)

being able to burn 4X media at 8X and above? I have 2.17 in it, but all i could get out of my last Ritek G04 was 4X. So…just how ARE you guys getting these faster speeds from 4X media? (i’m shopping for new media now…)

I would go the G05s. As you can see from the 4th scan they are very good in the 3500.


Read this thread (or the last couple pages) getting kind of long.



If you use the Taiyo Yudens the 8x -R’s will burn at 12x and the 8x +R’s will burn at 16x - the TY’s are the best media out there and can be gotten for $30 for 50 cakebox + shipping and $58 for 100 cakebox + shipping at www.rima.com