What firmware patches do you use?

Like the thread in the LiteOn forum, I was hoping everyone reading this could give me some idea of which Samsung Patch Utility patches you currently use and would like to see continue on to new models.

Your response/vote (or lack of votes) would also give me some idea of what patches I should keep doing in the future, as each one takes some time to implement in new firmwares.

So please, even if you are just visiting the forum to get the Patch Utility, sign up and let me know what patches you are using. :flower:

I want to read all region discs fast and burn them most compatible and in good quality.
That means:

RPC1 is a must have for me (since my beginning with a NEC 1100),
Also Bitsetting for DVD-Rom, some friends still have old Players which have problems with DVD+R (I mostly use).
So Riplock removal is also usefull, don’t want to read with 2x…
And EOPC gives nice results with my Verbatim DVD+Rs(DL)

All other features I have enabled too, but I don’t often burn at 20x/22x (worry about quality)

Thanks Wishbringer. It’s good to hear the reasons why you like the patches you are using. :slight_smile:

All features selected except EOPC. I wasn’t able to experiment with EOPC but I’m quite satisfied with the results overall.

By the way, what is the equivalent utility for LiteOn drives? :rolleyes: