What firmware patches do you use?

I was hoping everyone reading this could give me some idea of what patches you currently use and would like to see continue on to new models.

Your response/vote (or lack of votes) would also give me some idea of what patches I should keep doing in the future, as each one takes some time to implement in new firmwares.

So please, even if you are just visiting the forum to get a patched firmware, sign up and let me know what you are using. :flower:

I had the foresight to sign up a while ago so that I could post in this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

My favourite types of patches are (not just for LiteOn drives):

  • Patches that enable booktype bitseting (not needed for LiteOn drives)
  • Read-speed patches to enable 16x reading (needed for some media on some LiteOn drives)
  • Patches that improve burn quality
  • Patches that speed up 8x and 12x P-CAV burning (Fast Burn)

I don’t personally have much interest in patches that enable overspeeding, since I prefer to burn at speeds that produce the best possible results for any media, which is usually around 6-8-12x. I know that others like to burn as fast as possible, however.

In some cases I have even modified firmware to reduce burn speed in order to remove unsafe burning speeds for some drive/media combinations (not LiteOn drives).

Keep them firmware patches coming - they are much appreciated! :flower:

I try all the patches but as Vroom said I almost never use my Liteons to burn, they are great readers and when I do burn with them it makes the hobby so much more fun for me to have patches and see what they will bring. I use the fast SL Reading patch and its great.

Burn quality and read speed are the most important for me. :slight_smile:

Only use my liteon as reader/scanner, so i only use fast read.

The faster the reading the better :).

:clap:I like all of your patches and not just the LiteOn ones.

Thanks to everyone so far that responded so quickly. :slight_smile: Keep them coming! :flower:

My appologises if any votes were lost when I recreated this thread with the poll multi-choice option enabled (it’s been a while since I created a poll thread and this option can’t be changed afterwards).

A psychic as well. Now I’m really impressed. :iagree:

[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2150787]:clap:I like all of your patches and not just the LiteOn ones.[/QUOTE]
Thanks. I might start a thread in the Sammy forum as well. :iagree:



Thanks. I might start a thread in the Sammy forum as well. :iagree:[/QUOTE]

Please do :flower:

Vote placed. :wink:

I simply adore your work so I will just take this opportunity to thank you once again. :slight_smile:

Quality and read speed. On another note I also appreciatte all of your firmwares that allow all the crossflashing between various models and brands. Thanks for all of it COdeKing!

I try em all, keep them coming and THANKS!:iagree:

I’m only interested in quality burning. I’m not using any of the patches to burn faster. Current firmware in use is Wind’s XV6D (HT734) for my DH 203AP, and I’m very happy with the results, both cd and dvd.
Daily I visit this website to see if there are any developments, both hardware and firmware, and I’m sure your work has contributed a lot to what the LiteOn drives are today, thank you for that and keep up the good work.

:bow: Leo

p.s. Thanks for your wonderful tools too.

[QUOTE=ldw;2150970]…and I’m sure your work has contributed a lot to what the LiteOn drives are today, thank you for that and keep up the good work. [/QUOTE]

Surely. :iagree:

I’m only interested in quality, not speed, so in regards to Lite-On drives, the one thing I’d like to see you put the most work into is EOHT.

Let me clarify that slightly. Lite-Ons are already fast enough with stock firmware, so speed enhancements for them are about as useful as speed enhancements for a Nexperia BenQ. The drives that really need speed patches are the Samsungs, which are as slow as turtles (with apologies to my turtle friends).

As a side note, I’m still amazed at the number of people who say they only use their Lite-On as a reader/ripper, and not as a writer. Shame on you. The latest Lite-On models are way better at burning than you think. The idea that Lite-Ons can’t compete with Pioneer, Optiarc, and Samsung for burning is so out of date.

And thank you immensely for the thing I feel has been your most important contribution, the Flash, EEPROM, and Settings utilities for the Lite-On drives. Those I use constantly, even though I use your firmware patches very little.

The patches that interest me are for increased reading speed and those that improve the burning quality- burning speed is secondary.

Like many others, though, I just want to say THANK YOU for your ongoing work in this area and for the tools that you (and code65536 while he was still active) have developed. And- one of the most fascinating threads on this whole site is the exchange of ideas and experience between you and wind regarding the A3 firmware.


This may be a stupid question, but, … I have a iHAS120 and I don’t know where all your patches are! I see them in your sig but they aren’t links…

Having to search the forums for a specific patch is a pain.

Thanks for your work though! Would love to try the fastread one.