What firmware is better: 812S-US0N or 832S-VS04

I got a new LiteOn 812 (original TEAC).
What’s the better firmware: 812S-US0N or 832S-VS04

At the moment I’m trying 832S-VS04.

What firmware supports more medias (or better media support)?
At the moment it’s not so importent for me to use DL.


Definitely US0N!

[thread=99805]See this[/thread]

sweet now i know what flash to use on my 812s (no need for dual layer …yet…lol)

If you want to use OmniPatcher to customize the firmware before loading (optional), use the one found on my website (seen my sig).

If you don’t want to, then download the official US0N firmware and FlashFix it.

Thanks for the answers.
I will test the US0N.