What firmware is best for cheap media?



What firmware should I use? B7P9,B7T9 or B7U9? Im currently using B7U9 and not happy with the burn quality I get with cheap medias. Thanks!




I vote for B7T9, it’s a fine tuned B7S9.


What kind of media are you burning and at what speed. :wink:


Ridata RitekG05 , Ridata RitekR03, Generic CMC, Generic MCC001RG20


I get best 8 and 12x burns on Ritek R03 with T9 firmware. :slight_smile:
Ritek G05 has proven to be kinda problematic with most firmwares and generic media in general is crap anyway.

Have a read in 1620 result thread, and if you like to play around and test something else, have a look into write strategy swap thread.

Hope it helps. :wink:


I found B7U9 works well with A & B grade RITEKG05 but the B grade doesnt do so well with the other 1620 firmwares.


what about iomega cmc’s?


Well I experienced a lot of varying quality with different CMC’s (AF1,AE1,E01,F01) some good some bad with B7P9/B7T9 more likely a media issue so after that I stopped buying them and no longer use them so I dont know what would would be best…


I don’t see any difference between B7T9 and B7U9 using my $30 100 Legacy 8x DVD-Rs