What firmware for Pioneer DVR-112D?

What firmware will give me the most out of this drive? The more features/updates/tricks/burn quality the better.

the Pioneer DVR-112L 1.21 will give you DVD-RAM writing, Labelflash, the latest strategies and RPC-1 if you with TDB release. The only thing it is missing is auto bitsetting for SL +R media which the Buffalo release includes as well as everything mentioned above. That firmware is older however with 8.09 being the latest.


But bitsetting is only needed if the player doesn’t like +R/+RW booktype discs anyway? Since you mention “auto” I might just ask, does that mean the first one supports manual setting? Or do you mean a setting at all no matter what?

Do I need any special utility to install the L-firmware on it? So the D-drive supports labelflash even if it’s not advertised (I don’t know if it is and don’t care, just asking =P)

yes, bitestting is only needed if your particular player doesn’t like +R discs as is. And yes by Auto I mean it bitsets automatically while burning to DVD-ROM booktype with no user interaction. A non Buffalo firmware does not support bitsetting to SL discs period, auto or not. They only support bitsetting to DL discs.

Go here to get the firmware of your choice. It comes with an EXE file to do all the work for you.


look up PIONEER DVR-112L RPC-1 1.21. It will be near the bottom of the page. Be warned that flashing this firmware will void your warranty on the drive.

@ johankh,

Suggest reviewing the “Instructions.Txt” file contained in the “Koba Flash Package” (http://www.pirateshare.net/?id=3171960) for detailed information on flashing the Pioneer DVR-112 series Drive.

Below is the download link for The Dangerous Brothers “Modified” flasher ->



I would say get the firmware for A12J from the dangerous brothers and then use my package and flash to A12J and then update with the newest A12 firmware. This gives you the ability to use LF, DVD-RAM writing and support for the pioneer quietdrive utility.

A12J? It will work on DVR-112D? What is A12J? Some sata version? American version?

A12J is like A12XL (retail Drive, non oem) the 212 is the SATA version.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see any RPC1 versions of version 1.21 firmware for any variant of the DVR-112 at TDB’s site.


Just use MCSE.

Huh? That’s news to me. Stupid school always taking time away from ability to keep up with flashing news. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to spend some quality time with the search and reading the forums.

Finding the information was much easier than I thought. I would have never thought to look into MCSE. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction chef.

Thank ala42. :smiley:

Your link must be down. If you could host it again. Much appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much. I tried today at 11:30 P.M. Mountain Time and got the files.
Since my trusty NEC 3500 AG burner finally died after many years of usage, I did some researching around and settled on a Pioneer DVR-112D. It appears that this drive and Pioneer drives in general are highly recommended. I should be getting my new drive from Newegg in a couple of days. I can’t wait to test it out. Later.

IMO I think you made a very good choice, as both of mine work flawlessly :slight_smile:

Very confusing instructions :doh:. What you’re saying is that the newest hacked firmware is A12, not A12J. But the Instructions.txt file says:

“How to update to Pioneer A12J 1.21 firmware:”

which suggests that A12J is the newest. So which is it? Which one is the very latest hacked firmware? Is it A12J v1.21? or A12, which is v1.09.

Same for the Buffalo firmware, though a little easier…which I’m leaning towards to flash.

“How to update to Buffalo 112L 8.21 firmware:”

So is this the last firmware I should stop at? Would these steps be accurate?

The instructions say:

  1. Flash to TDB 112L firmware based on Buffalo’s (skip if you have already done this)
  • so would that be the folder “TDB 112L 806 buffalo based flasher and firmware”?
  1. Flash with provided patched Buffalo 8.06 flasher and firmware
  • “Patched Buffalo 112L 8.06 flasher with firmware”
  1. Flash with provided original Buffalo 8.21 flasher and firmware
  • “Original Buffalo 112L 8.21 flasher with firmware”
  1. Happy burning with Buffalo 8.21 firmware
  • Suggests that this is the last firmware to be applied (Original Buffalo 112L 8.21 flasher with firmware)

Seems like I’d wind up with the latest firmware from Pioneer instead of the latest hacked firmware by Buffalo.

To summarize (assuming the above is correct), I should do this in the following order if I wanted the features of the Buffalo firmware:

  1. Go to folder TDB 112L 806 buffalo based flasher and firmware
  2. Go to folder Patched Buffalo 112L 8.06 flasher with firmware
  3. Go to folder Original Buffalo 112L 8.21 flasher with firmware

Did I decypher the instructions correctly? :rolleyes:

1.24 is the latest and best firmware for the 112D.
You can use mediacodespeededit to make it RPC1 and remove riplock and add bitsetting for dvd+r.

[quote=motorcycle;1952598]1.24 is the latest and best firmware for the 112D.
You can use mediacodespeededit to make it RPC1 and remove riplock and add bitsetting for dvd+r.[/quote]

Can you be more specific? Perhaps a link to the firmware or the exact name of it? Is it from Buffalo? I don’t care much about Region code or extra write speed…but bitsetting for DVD+R would be nice.

Well, I just finished praising this drive (bought it today) on another site because it was able to copy a dvd disc that no other drive I ever bought could…but it seems I praised it too soon. I’ve tried another disc I could never copy and so far it’s skipping some sectors, though not nearly as many as other drives. I have many poorly written media that no drive can copy without errors and I thought this drive was the answer. Still, so far I’m happy with the drive…it copied one disc that about 8-10 other drives couldn’t over the course of the last 2-3 years.