What firmware for nd 4550?

ive read thru the forum but dont realy see a answer i iunderstand i want the best firmware for the drive and if it can be made into a label maker dirve thats bonus thank you

Maybe, but that would give you nothing without appropriate LF media and the special LF capable Nero version!

Please read in the 4551 threads.

burnt my first label on a non labelflash dvd on data side ya can barely see it but its visable

And you got the special Nero version from where?

i just got it from nero

…for a 4550. :confused:

yeah but it only last 30 days or something its trail software

The best firmware: the one that do what you want to do.

What’s best for me may not be best for you.

What version of Nero did you use?

i just went to neros website and downloaded the newest verion but its only trail use only may not even be 15 days the software i had before didnt do the lightflash at all and even the newest nero ya can barely see it

Then your only bit is to buy the Nero software and have it permanently.

here is the pic of a regeler dvd i made image on media side this is just a regler dvd i got for like 10 cents or something i messsed up and tryied to make a new image and it wrote over the older image plus the pic didnt come out good and a course i couldt full up the whole dvd with data

And where should be the problem?

Your drive cannot be a 4550 - a 4550 doesn’t come with LF!!

This is even not LF media anyway.

no this is my 4551 i tryied to edit first post but it wont let me or i dont see the option .my poor brother got me this while he was on holiday over seas went there 2 months shoulkda got me something nicer lol .i have a 4550 and a 4551 and a liteon 1633 but i had the liteon for a long time had a liteon 1635 but gave it away.i waste to much money on this stuff

OK, that makes it clear. :wink: