What firmware for my 2510A

I bought a NEC 2510A a few weeks ago and im burning dvd movies 90% of the times so what would be a great firmware for this burner??
Had alot of problems using some datawrite Red V3 discs.
I can burn them but there seems to be somekind of an error on most of them when i try to read them after i’ve burned a movie.

Please help i really need to know what firmware i should put in my burner so i can use these discs

Whatever is on there should be fine…but if its 2.15 or 2.05, you might aswell upgrade to at least 2.16. Or alternatively 2.f7 or herries older firmware as these two support bitsetting on +r /+rw discs. (better compatibility in some component dvd players)


Changing firmware will not - in most cases - change your burns to crapo discs-

Buy yourself some good stuff like Taiyo Yudens and you probably will be ok IMHO-


I will get better discs next time. Thats for sure… But i seem to have gotten pass the problem by using anydvd and clonedvd instead of nero…

Btw. Whats the idea of getting another firmware instead of the original??

better features; RPC1, riplock removed, bitsetting on +R/+RW/+R DL (if you decide to use the 2F7 firmware)