What firmware for 3500A?

I’ve been holding off buying a 3500 until a hacked firmware was available (RPC1, speed increases, media tables, SL BitSetting, riplock removal etc.)

So now it seems there’s a whole load of firmware and flashing utilities - Herrie, TDB, Liggy at least.

So what is the best combination of firmware and flasher to get?

Also what’s the best media to get for 16x (well, 12x) burns - I heard the RitekG05 is no good for the NEC, but the TY stuff is good?

Maybe we could have a sticky with just this information, and commenting not allowed (wading through 10 page threads is not the best way to find info fast!)

All the rpc1.org sites seem to be down BTW :frowning:


´nuf said


Well the point I’m making is that there is too much to wade through when you do a search.

Believe me I searched, I just can’t find which of about 6 firmwares and flashers does what, and which is best.

If you don’t want people asking this all the time, make a simple sticky as I said.

So are you saying the Herrie 2.17 is the best firmware (I assumed Herrie’s would be, but not sure of the version)?

Are there any places I can get that except for herrie/rpc1.org (which seems to have been hacked)?

Now I’ve just got to figure out the flasher to use (preferably Windows) and the BitSetting utility (if it’s even needed?)

I guess when you become the site admin you can make a sticky. Until then, try SEARCH! :bigsmile: Better yet, maybe you could convince the mods and big posters here to PM you their phone numbers, that way they could just kiss your a$$ whenever you chose.


I don’t know why you’re being such a arse, I’ve said twice now that I have searched, and that there are too many results to wade through, geezzzz don’t you read the posts?! :wink:

Anyway, after looking through more helpful forums, I have found that the best setup is Herrie’s 2.17 firmware, which comes with a Windows flasher and BitSetting utility, mirrored here:



If there are any mods reading, maybe you could sticky this?

MadDog 2.F8, Herrie’s 2.17 and TDK 2.C7 are pretty much the same. My personal choice is Herrie’s but any of the others will do a good job, they all support DL and SL bitsetting. For flashing i like UniFlash.

I too been searching and have become very frustrated! There’s a lot of references to http://uniflash.cdfreaks.com and everytime I click on one of download links it takes me right back to the top of the http://uniflash.cdfreaks.com page and it’s been like that for over a week!!! I got the 3500_217bs.rar file but before I flash my 3500a I’d like to save the current version (2.16) that came with it so I need necflash (I think) to do that!

I don’t know how many post I read where they said they used necflash blah, blah, blah but except for the uniflash link there isn’t one other link to get necflash!

There the TDB version, a Mad-Dog version, a 2.77 and Herrie’s 2.17 version. There GUI and dos flashers mentioned. There seperate bin files and exe’s with the bin already incorporated into the executable!

I search just the NEC forum for “3500a firmware” and got 82 threads! 25 of them were active within the last week! Yikes!!!

I searched for “necflash” in just the NEC Forum and got 8 threads (5 active in last 3 days) and I still cannot find a link to get it!


Yes, a sticky would be nice

Yes Fred, this is just what I’m saying - too many search results to wade through, we need a sticky.

And I would think that it is not a good idea to incorporate the bin file into the flasher, all of the flashers should be able to flash any bin file seperately.

isn’t uniflash and necflash same thing? the necflash is here http://uniflash.cdfreaks.com/ under download you can either pic GUI or command line DOS one.

i think command to backup current firmware is C:/NECFlash -dump -v -s filename E: (replace with letter of ur drive) if you decide to use command line one.

you can download MADDOG 2.F8 firmware here http://tdb.rpc1.org/#ND3500A i pick BETA MAD DOG Book Type Version reporting as “_NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG” 2.F8 DOS, and 2.F8 Windows. 2.F8 windows has GUI flashing and other one is for DOS. DOS one has .bin file for firmware if you want to flash it using NECFlash or uniflasher

Uniflash and NECflash are not the same program.

If your having problems downloading, switch off your firewall and then try :wink:

I don’t think there is a need to make a “sticky thread” the whole point of searching/reading threads is you learn something. In any case, it’s not very likely that the staff of cdfreaks would offically endorse any (one) un-offical firmware. :slight_smile:

Straight to the point as always, thanks Dee-27 :cool:

Got a 3500 arriving this week, guess the 106D will be put away from now on. :sad:

I agree with sej7278 and others. My first drive was liteon 401@811, and going through the liteon forum things become very clear to you, it is easy to figure out what is the collection of tools that you need, where to get firmware that you want,… Switching to nec3500 made me very happy 'cause the quality of my burns is much higher, but the support on the forum seems to be ‘spread out’. Sorry for my English, I am doing my best :cool:

I agree you with %100. There is no clear understanding on these so called support issues for the NEC ND-3500AG. In Lite-On forum one can clearly understand the purpose of F/W Mod, what to expect from it, and how to implement the mod step by step and what would it drive function after F/W mode. Obviously this is not true with NEC forum.

I can relate to the (new) people who have trouble finding their way on this large NEC forum. If you been here a lot longer, you can find you way around and know which firmware there is and where to find.
Maybe it is a good idea to have a sticky thread which list all the different firmwares from e.g. Herry, TDB, Liggy etc. and a summary of what they support.

Dee, I can see you standpoint but you also have to keep in mind that not everybody is that clever finding their way in forums if they only want to find an answer to one question they got…

Is not matter of being clever or not, it is organized right information at issue. Just look around at Lite-On forum and find out for yourself the difference. Of course we should not be unreasonable to expect so much from the people which they have dedicated their time, their Knowles and their precious time to help others without any compensation, their work and effort is behind any appreciation.


But like a writer you have to keep track of the chapters you write. And a lot of software houses keep history files so users can keep track of the different versions and their enhancements.

so what is the best firmware?

i tried herries 2.17 and it works fine for me—

now what is the diffrence from the oem firmware. It just ripped faster?

Does Herrie’s 2.17bs firmware also incorporate riplock removal & RPC1? Sorry if this has already been covered but I can’t check on Herrie’s site (still down) to confirm.

Thanks :slight_smile: