What Firmware do I use?



I picked up a Verbatim 32X12X40 in a Cyendyne box. I know this is a rebadged Lite-On. The Model Number is VBT321240A I would like answers or links to the appropiate threads

1) What is the latest firmware I can use on this drive
2) Does it support Mt. Ranier
3) Does it use CLV, PAV, or CAV?
4) Can I turn this into a 48X like the liteon badged litons can be?


With Nero InfoTool (www.cdspeed2000.com) you can view more info on your writer. I do not know the answers to all of your questions but this tool can identify your firmware version, Mt. Rainier support, etc.


Ok so I see it doesn’t offer Mt. Ranier support but it can read Cd+G and C2 Errors. Does anyone know if I can upgrade this to support Mt. Ranier?


If it’s produced before april 2002 = a LTR-32123S = No mount rainier, no P-CAV and no overclocking.

Do a write test in nero cd-speed. If it writes in P-CAV it’s a LTR-32125W = can be overclocked to get mount rainier support.

I do not know if verbatim offers firmware upgrades for this model yet, if they do not you must convert it to a real Lite-On to use the latest Lite-On firmware.

Use mtkflash (read my guides) and a binary firmware.

Notice that this voids the warranty.


I put a blank in, did a test and it wrote at 16X Z-CLV. So I pulled the drive out and saw it was made in March 2002. So it looks like I have a new drive that is faster than my Phillips recorder and supports burnproof but not upgradable. Oh well


Most likely a LTR-32123S = No mount rainier (will most likely never get it either) and Zone-CLV write tech. Not overclockable.