What firmware do I need to upgrade my centrios dvd internal 16x dvd?

I have a question, but don’t know where to start

I recieved a centrios dvd internal 16x dvd ± writer dual layer dvd+r for christmas and I am looking at upgrading the firmware, however when trying to discover what/who makes it I have some confliction info.

I phoned the company and they tell me it is a

benq 1620 - bulk

However when I run nero cd speed, it says the firmware is

16x16 dvd dual 1020

I have done a little search on the board and came across this post


the interesting note here is the header

Aopen DUW1616/ARR firmware 1020.

the package my centrios has that on the box


Can anyone help me identify my burner?

What does the drive say on it’s label (at the top of the drive? :slight_smile:

I took the drive out of my tower only to read

P/n # ( i have the #'s if you need them )

s/n # ( i have the #'s if you need them )

those were the only identifiable markings on it.

other than that there is a sticker with lazer warnings, that says aopen inc. no.83 wang rd, (whole list of asian countries)

manufactured july 2005 J

If your burner is an Aopen 1616/ARR you can find original firmwarae at http://www.cdr.cz/dvd_rekordery/aopen/DUW1616ARR.html.

But before flashing your drive is better be sure its is really an Aopen 1616/ARR

I thank you for your reply Gordon Banks - however I need help identifying the burner

Can anyone help me identify my burner?

Is there no way one can tell what burner they have, or should I believe the distributors who say it is a benq?

Is there no way one can tell what burner they have
In the command line type MSINFO32. (Thanks for this tip chef :bow: )

Click the + next to components

Click CD-ROM

Hope this helps :wink:

It comes with wind00ze. :wink:

thanks keyap

here is what i have

as it says the manufacture -standard cd-rom???



Take a look at the drive pictures in the 1608 review (first link, scroll down to 3/4 of the page) and the picture of the 1616 (second link). If your drive looks exactly the same except with “Centrios” writen on it, then you can assume it is a rebaged 1616. The location of the manual eject with a paper clip is also something to look for.

once you do figure it out, if it turns out to NOT be a BenQ, would call up the manufacturer and complain like crazy. basically they advised you to flash with the wrong firmware which would have not only fried the drive, but also voided the warranty! This is, o fcourse, only if they were wrong :slight_smile:

thanks adict2jane , the drive is identical to both pictures, however there is no ‘centrios’ markings on the drive I have. only the box it came in. the manual eject is also in the same spot. the Dvd stickers are identical as well.

in the first link, near the bottom where you see the top of the drive, where the sticker says ‘aopen’ that is where i find my p/n s/n there is no model # on my drive.

the sticker is identical to the picture except for the difference i just mentioned, although barley readable, you can see the aopen i was talking about on my sticker on the bottom right hand side of the white label. that is the only mention of aopen anywhere on my drive.

from this I imagine then, my drive is not a benq dw1620, but it is an aopen 1616?

fortunalty reasonsnotrules I did try and flash the drive with the latest benq from here,


however the .exe would’nt allow the flash.


there it is…

So it’s a AOpen 1616, I don’t know how to crossflash AOpen drives. You could try downloading the lastest AOpen firmware but I doubt it will allow it.

Even if you drive was a rebadged 1620 the firmware you downloaded from the BenQ site won’t work. You need to use crossflashing applications such as binflash (for NEC drives) or BQFlasher (for BenQ drives).

You should check out the thread below if you already haven’t. Appearently the 1616 is the same drive as the 1608.


Here you go. PM scotton for the firmware. It may not work as it is a microadvantage drive they are refering to, but maybe.