What firmware are you using with BenQ 1620 right now?

is everyone using the latest and greatest or are you happy with older firmware :wink:

Latest but with Ala42 speedhack!
I am ripping at 16x!!!

Looks like the pollcalculator doesn’t work that well, present standings:

20% using B7P9
25% using B7T9
70% using B7U9

115% using some kind of firmware… :bigsmile:

B7U9 at the moment. Some members are using “G” f/w also and don’t see any of the "G"s listed.

Wow, I’m surprised to know that most people moved into U9. I thought there’s a strong resistence in accepting it as the new standard.


B7T9 as I still have some -R (TY G02, G01, MCC 01RG2) to burn and BtU9 is too slow (no overspeed) with those.

B7U9 as QSuite is just too fun to let go. :slight_smile:

My BenQ 1620 is on BenQ 1625 BBEA firmware right now for some “testing”… :stuck_out_tongue:

But most of the time lately I have been using B7U9, manly because this firmware gives me the opportunity to disable WOPC and use of all other nice toys in QSuite.

BTW CdMonster, in your poll you left out a good firmware many still use; *7S9. :wink:

that must be really old school :eek:

way before my time with this drive :bigsmile:

That’s actually not so old. My drive (which was manufactured in August, 2004) came with B7C9 (now that’s old!). Since a significant portion of the 1620 production line has been moved to China, more and more drives come with the B7S9 firmware which is supposed to help with the serious crappy-media outbreak they have in Asia. But of course, those drives are sold in North America, Europe and many other places as well.

i guess i should have gone all the way back to A :slight_smile:

No… but you can always ask a moderator to help you modify poll at top of page. :wink:

yeah i forgot about that :confused:

what should i add to the poll?

I’d say B7S9 and a general “G-branch” would be good enough. Most people crossflash immediately to retail firmwares for OEM drives anyway. :slight_smile:



B7T9. The latest one was very disappointing for -R media, even TY, so I went back.

Ok, I have a 1620 PRO OEM (Generic)
I go to the benQ.com driver/firmware page, and there is “NO Firmware” listed for the PRO. Am I screwed?

I have no idea what the difference is between the standard 1620, and the pro, and I think the only difference between the BenQ 1620 Pro, and the Generic 1620 Pro that I have, is that there is no label on the front of the drive stating “BenQ”.

So I went to the standard 1620 firmware/driver page at the Benq site: (non-Pro)


and they show .exe files for the firmware, B7K9 for the 1620, and a different firmware shown for generic drives similar to mine. G7K9

and now for my questions:

1.)A) Is there any tool or utility I can use to save a copy of the current firmware on the drive? (OEM), windows based tool would be nice.

B) I found this link, http://dvdpro.club.st/firmware/BENQ_FW.htm
will Qscan do this? good source for firmware?

2.) Can I use the BXXX series firmware on my generic drive?

3.) I use DVD -R for backing up movies, and making them readable for my home player, so assuming it would work for this drive, would the B7T9 be the best firmware for my usage?

4.) Any good utilities for this drive you would recommend, and would be beneficial.
I have downloaded book type management, and “BenQ QVideo 2.0 Software Utility” from BenQ, but I doubt I really need either of them. Any good?

Thanks in advance for any insight, I appreciate it!

Edit:: Well I just dld’d winDWflash.exe, and it shows the drive and B7S9 as the firmware which seems readily downloadable.

So I guess that answers almost all my questions.

Thanks for any insight on the others!

Ala42 flavored B7T9
I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…Ala42 ROCKS!!!