What files to burn dvd movie off hard drive



hello- sorry this is a new hurdle for me.
I just got DVDClone2 - would make workable copies of home movies that would play both in my pc and my players.
However on backup copies of hollywood style dvd’s the will not play on my players just on my pc. I contacted support and they told me to copy to my hard drive and then see if I can play the VOB files - which I could. I then use NTI Cd & DVD Maker to burn dvd. They give me unknown data message on one of my players and check disc on the other.
What is the step by step process to copy from my hard drive? Are there files in there that I dont need that are throwing off my players?
Thanks in advance for any help!
Oh the burner is a Sony DRU700
media is Memorex dvd+rw that have been fully erased
(I also have Maxell dvd+r and verbatim dvd-r but dont want to make coasters if this can be worked out using the dvd+rw that I have a bunch of)


hi and welcome,

when the backups are playable on your pc but not on your player is the first question: is your player able to read dvd+r(w)? if you don´t know you can check this out @ www.videohelp.com

if you want to use dvd+r(w) and your player is not able to read +r you can try it with booktypesetting to dvd-rom (not sure that your burner supports this), or u try a dvd-r(w).

clonedvd2 should do all for backing up (extracting, shrinking and burning).

here´s the How to Backup your DVD to DVD+/-R Guide

HERE you can find also a guide specially for CloneDVD2


Yes both my players play dvd+rw and havent had problem till trying to make backups of Hollywood style dvd’s.
Oh its DVDCloner2 not dvdclone2?


have u tried to burn with clonedvd2? this always worked for me


No I just purchased this program yesterday for $60.00, how much is the other one? This was supposed to be most recommended by http://www.dvd-burning-software-reviews.com/


:slight_smile: Thanks for your help. I hope I didnt blow my money again.