What file to convert to?

hello again.

ive got some move clips [i think the files are just windows video clips, is that avi?]

ive just got a video file converter and was wondering what file i convert my video clips to i.e is it ntsc svcd / divx [is this mpeg3 ?] or what file do i need to convert to?

btw, iam asking this because i get a 1 or 2 second sound delay when i burn avi files with nero. i was hoping that if i convert the file types maybe the sound delay problem will go.

so what file do i need to convert to?

also if anyone could help me in my other thread “help needed backing up 24” it would be appreciated

hello again,

I just had a look and am still not sure what to actually convert to, anyone?

i couldnt find out how to edit the original post so here is my edit-

i also wanted to ask about ntsc or pal, the reason i ask is becuase i just converted some files to ntsc svcd [is that the right file type to convert to]
and just before you click burn a message appears saying

your project contains more ntsc than pal material, but will be encoded in pal if you use the current settings.
do you want to change the settings to ntsc, so that your project will be encoded in the video mode that matches the majority of the project settings.

do i click yes or no here?

if i do click yes i get this message

your project currently exceeds the capacity of a normal dvd, but still fits onto a dvd-9 disc. as there is no dvd-9 compatible recorder in your system, you will only be able o write this project to a folder or to the image recorder.
Do you want to have the project quality reduced automatically so that your project will fit into the available space.
if you click no, the project will be expanded to dvd-9.

do i click yes or no to this message [this message only appears if i click yes to the previous message]

You cant have a mixture of PAL and NTSC files on the one dvd, it has to be one way or the other. Which one, well its your choice but I would go to which ever is supported by your TV/Player. If Nth Ammerica, then NTSC, if Europe/Australia, then PAL.

The second message is simply saying the final created dvd is too big to fit to a normal DVDR (DVD5) so will only write it to your HD.

ok thats brill thanks, ill go with pal then as im in the uk.

1 more thing, so what is the best file to convert avi to, to play on a dvd player.

DVD of course. :wink: But if your player can support .avi,you don’t need to do any conversion.