What file system to use when copying data ( not a movie) to DVD

Hi, I want to backup documents, zip files and various other files on a DVD.
I notice that I have 3 options, Joliet, UDF/Joliet and UDF. Which one should I use ? I know UDF is used for movies, but since I won’t be inserting those DVD’s in a home DVD player, what’s the best format for that type of backup ?


Following up to that question, i’ve spent the day trying to burn a DVD full of data. I’ve tried Nero and Roxio, and used different types of format, i.e. UDF with Joliet bridge, Joliet, Pure UDF.

But when I do a CRC check (with CDCHeck v3), I get CRC errors. I’ve burned movies with that DVD burner before without any problems.

Any ideas ??

hi m8, I asked this Question months ago n NO one gave me an answer because here it’s All Video orientated n not Data orientated…So i had to use various formats myself to find out which was the prefered method…
It is called DATA with what you want to do…
Useing NERO you chose Data DVD n either chose ISO or ISO/UDF…ISO and ISO/UDF will work on an Apple Mac as well as a PC…In other programs if it says DATA chose it for All Zips n progys etc.,