What file plays on directv media share?




I am new here and not to advanced on this subject so I hope I ask it right.

I have movies (all kinds .iso, .avi, .wmv, etc…) on my computer at home. I have directv and Xbox 360. Directv offers media share and Xbox uses windows media center, but I can’t figure out how to convert my movies so that they will play on a networked tv.

I end up trying and I’ll get the video to play and it will say the sound can not or something seems to be wrong everytime.

I’ve filled 500 gbs on wasted attempts.

I’m using dvdfab free trial. I use any video converter.

I just want to know what it is that is the correct format. I’m sick of guessing. Thanks!


Hi and Welcome!

have you already gone though the documentation of your playback devices? The manual should state which formats are compatible.



They must be in MPEG-2 format.
You can download a free torrent program called Vuze, it will recognize all outside media devices and convert to the required format. Simply find the directv media device on the left side and click on it. Then drag all the video files you want into the blank main box. When asked what profile you want to use, choose one of the MPEG-2 formats, at your preference of resolution. Vuze will then automatically convert the files into the proper format. When you then go into the “extras and settings” on the Directv receiver, Vuze should show up under “my computers” as long as Vuze is still active on your PC, even in the background. All of the video files should be there. Watch and enjoy.


DirectTV just like the Cable Companies use a proprietary File Format. They don’t want you to copy their Movies. Copying Movies is not legal, DVDFab and software similar gets around this because they make software to Back-up the Movies you have legally bought. :cool:


I use http://www.tvmediashare.com/ Works Great, easy to use, the developer is very responsive, and the program is very affordable ($14.99 last time I checked.) I have all my movies on a NAS and am running the TVShare on an old Pentium Xeon Server I have in the Garage. I have been able to serve movies to 5 Directv boxes without dropouts or any lag. The only thing I have to complain about this setup is it takes a log time to scroll through the movie list. I am sure it is because the speed of the network, and the age of the server and maybe a little with the DTV boxes. I am working on a new directory structure to make it easier. I would really like to create a “Catalog” with an IMDB feel and a button to launch the movie from the Box. I have not been able to figure out the DTV App programming yet.


I use vuze but it doesnt allow me to forward or rewind for my receiver. Dont mean to thread jack but am I doing something wrong?


From what I have learned it is a limitation of the Directv boxes. You are not doing anything wrong.