What file formats will dvd r recognize/play

… on a dvd player?

fairly new to all this , so here goes:

i tried coverting an avi movie file to mpeg 2 and burned it to dvd = i coaster!

so to be safe ive been converting avi files to vob, just so the dvd r and player will recognize dvd (playing on dvd player not pc).

will a dvd r recognize other file formats so that i can squeeze more episodes of 24/alias or whatever onto one dvd r?

thanks guys.

Nope, unless you player can play DivX (.avi), then you could just put a load of 100-200mb DivX episodes on there, and quality would be pretty good, but normal players can only play ifo+vob+bup.

Ben :slight_smile:

thankyou. does the same apply if i burned to cd? i.e. would need to be vcd format, hence changing a say 300mb avi file into a larger vcd file in order to play on dvd player…

thanks again

And do not forget, if you have a VIDEO_TS folder, you will need an empty AUDIO_TS folder as well for most players. Some players will play quite a few and some will only play dvd format. Then you have PAL and NTSC, some will convert and some will not.
A Phillips DVP642 will play most formats and costs around $70.

if its on CD you will need to make it VCD or SVCD, most players can play these.

Ben :slight_smile:

As other have said, it varys from player to player. My koss player will play mpeg 1/2 that are burned as data disks. I know that they are talking about making players that play xvid and stuff like that (not sure whats avalable right now. You can find out more about what a particular player will play here