What features should USB 3 have?

What if we could have USB 3. What features should it have ?

Vote for the most important feature in the top list.

If it’s not there (option [ … ] ) , post your most important feature in a reply.

It would be nice if it would wake me up in the mornings…

Fully compatible with FireWire A/B, at least 10gbit speed, p2p networking possible without any additional hardware (usb3 hubs can act as network hubs), 12v @ 5A and 5v @ 15A :slight_smile:

and it should be able to read my mind

USB hub / instant network - nice!

Definitely should somehow be the same shape as firewire and also reverse compatible…:stuck_out_tongue:

Also should have sufficient voltage to run car-style cigarette lighter-cum-pendrive :wink:

Maybe USB 3 should be compulsory-wireless so it’s kinda like all those crappy printers and laptops that came with infra red transmitters, except this would work. So you’d just have to walk into the room with your USB device and it would connect…:cool:

Built in working drivers on the devices. This way you don’t have carry the drivers around with you if you want to use it somewhere else.

I would have sworn that they were going to do this when USB 1 was coming out.

it should monitor my counterstrike time, and tell me “get to work or you’ll flunk out!”