What f/w for my SHW-16H5S drive? LV4D?

Hi all,

my 16H5S currently is on LS0R, but (official) LS0W is out. Instead of flashing it, I wonder if the LV4D (from http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=192707&highlight=16H5S) is based on LS0W but adds features? :confused: I didn’t find any hint on it.
What I want/need is (keeping) LightScribe, scanning with KProbe, bitsetting and fast DVD reading together with good writing strategies. :iagree:

Pac :smiley:

Either LV4D or LS0W are good. LV4D was an internal test build from LiteOn to add OverSpeeding and HyperTuning options, and the version to which you linked allows you the maximum stable reading speeds for the drive & 16x burning on generally all media [although your media has to be pretty good to overspeed, and may not work].

It was said that LS0W didn’t have HyperTuning and OverSpeeding features, but you may not need them. Each firmware has its strong points and its weaknesses, but both allow you to do all that you need/want.

A little trial and error may be required for you to find what’s best in your specific situation. :flower:

Well thanks for the quick reply wallace, now I know the difference between both firmwares and I think I will use LS0W cause i’m fine with the burning speeds for quality media. If there was any other difference like better burning or faster reading with LV4D, it would be a point.