What external CD-reader?

I rip a lot of CDs, for which i use a plextor premium, mostly for 4 reasons: It overreads into lead-out and lead-in (the most important point), good at ripping copy protected CDs, reasonably good at reading scratched CDs, low offset-correction.

But when I’m on vacation it would be nice to have an external reader. Might as well be a dvd-burner, as i guess those aren’t much more expensive. I need one who preferably has all the features i mentioned, but the overreading is the most important. Anyone have any suggestions?



I know Plextor has a copule of external burners, as the Plextor PX-750UF, does this have overreading? Or is there any cheaper brands I could check out?

buy a drive of your choice + bytecc prolific external enclosure. you’ll get much more options that way.

Ok, a couple of questions then, The fact that is an external enclosure won’t interfer in any way? I can just use it like an internal drive in EAC, and expect the drive to have all the features its supposed to have?

Unfortantly there is very few external enclosures available in norway that takes a 5.25 drive.

The two i could find was:
Zynet Polar 5.25
Thermaltake 5.25

Is there any diffrence between enclosures other than the ability to brun at 16x? (I tried to get som info from the huge external-enclosure-thread, but it was very large and I couldn’t find anything in the places i looked).


You can use EAC together with an external drive, if you use the SPTI interface. Using ASPI, EAC might not recognise the external drive.

The two i could find was:
Zynet Polar 5.25
I own that enclosure labeled as “Sharkoon Swift-Case”. It is equipped with a Cypress chipset. Fan is noisy, so I disconnected it.:wink: At the moment I run a 52x CDRW drive, it seems to work most of the time. But I experienced a fallback to USB 1.1 speed once, and I don’t know why. W2k isn’t very informative about that. Nero recognises the external drive as “USB 1.0 - poor connection”, but I can write at full speed.

Note: That enclosure is also available with Ali chipset.

Is there any diffrence between enclosures other than the ability to brun at 16x?
Main difference is the chipset. The Thermaltake enclosures have the same Cypress chipset like the Zynet. The people here seem to like enclosures based on Prolific chipset.

For I am only running a CDRW drive in that enclosure, I can’t say anything about max. Speed on DVD-writing.


Does anyone have a “normal” external drive to recommed? Since I don’t seem to find the recommended enclosures in norway, and its not cheaper either, it seems abit pointless to me, to go for en enclosure + drive, a whole package should be able to burn at 16x if i need, probably looks better, and I see very small cons with it.