What external cases are KNOWN to work with pio. DVD-RW drives?



I bought a pioneed dvr-109 drive in a usb 2.0 enclosure back in May. After having the seller send me three replacements (I had to eat shipping back to them each time too, $8 per time) my burner tops out writing at 3x (the other enclosures were stuck at 1.8x).

Drive works fine in another enclosure (2.5" HD enclosure) and in a desktop. Its a problem with the enclosure not working well with the drive. I took it all apart to find a cypress chipset, CY7C68300A-56PVC. There is nothing on the internet regarding updates for firmware for this.

So I need to buy another enclosure. I would like to buy one that is known to work with my pioneer burner. This enclosure problem is costing me more and more… What enclosures are known to work with our drives? Can anyone share what drive they have? I want to be able to write at full speed, not 3x. This cypress enclosure sucks. I’ve heard about prolific chipsets being OK but upon research many people post about problems with DVD-RW drives, and most websites dont tell what chipset is in their enclosures they sell.

I’m checking dealsonic for plumax drives with the prolific chipset. Has anyone used these enclosures with a pioneer burner? Does it work at 16x without a problem?

Thanks guys for any help


As an update with more testing. I benched my external hard drive at 21MB/sec. Then I palced the hard drive in this cypress enclosure to see if it would bench the same with the hard drive, or be slow and indicate an overall bad enclosure.

With my HDD in the cypress enclosure it benched at the same 21MB/sec! This enclosure is working fine with my hard drive but not with my DVD burner. What is up with that, working perfect for the HDD but not for the dvd burner?

I cant find any firmware updates for the cypress chipset either… Am I stuck buying a new enclosure? I can’t swap the boards in the two enclosures since one is a 2.5" and the other 5.25"… Dammit.


I’ve set up two people with these. I have two myself, one with a 106 and one with a 108. No problems:


Sold many places online, and also at Walmart. You could return it if it doesn’t work out for you.



I didn’t think of walmart! I’ll check for it tomorrow! I want to buy one locally just for that reason, if it doesn’t work I can return it, but bestbuy and compusa and those websites only showed enclosures for insane price like $50-$80.

I find it very odd that the enclosure works fine for my hard drive, but not with the pioneer drive.

LET THE WORLD KNOW THAT ENCLOSURES WITH CYPRESS CHIPSETS DO NOT WORK WITH PIONEER DRIVES. I hope that this struggle of mine for the last 3 months will help someone else.



Walmart didn’t have any external enclosures at all. I am going to have to order online, I’m going through dealsonic. I’m looking at this one because 1) its cheap and 2) states compatible with my DVR-109. Any thoughts before I order tomorrow night?

It’s a shame they are going to charge me $14 shipping for USPS Priority Mail when they will probably put it in a $7.40 flat rate box… So is life in Hawaii…



That sucks, sorry. I know the ones here in FL and the ones in NY have them, figured they all did.



What about a firewire enclosure? Is that an option for you. Faster transfer rates mean faster burn times.


Bull. USB2 is more than fast enough to sustain 16x burn times. One on one (one device per chip) USB2 has faster transfer rates than Firewire in many cases (depends on chipset, 480mbps vs 400mbps). All depends on the host and bridge chipsets whether or not one is faster than the other.



While the specs do say that USB2 is faster than firewire. Experience has shown that in practical use, firewire is faster.

The only USB or firewire chipset I know of (firewire 800 exempted) that will actually sustain 16X burns in the real world is the Prolific 3507.


My laptop doesn’t have firewire. I’m ordering the above case I posted tonight, I want to start burning things :slight_smile:


Check out the Bytecc enclosures at NewEgg. That’s what I have my 109 in…

5.25 inch Bytecc enclosures


Bytecc chipsets can be either ALI, or Oxford, or Prolific (maybe others as well). Only the Prolific 3507 will handle sustained 12-16X.


I have an older 3507 enclosure and on firewire best I have ever gotten was 12x it blows up at about 14.5x on 16x burn thats with either my a08 pioneer or my benQ 1620 in the enclosure.

And no flashing enclosures firmware is out as its one of the older version that has no flash chip


I kind of figured that but wasn’t certain. Thanks for the confirmation.


Here’s an interesting product


no case required.


I’ve used a few of these and they do the job, albeit slowly. Power supplies are usually very cheap but for testing and firmware flashing it is a lot easier than opening up your case. Hard to say if they will work with optical drives as I only tested them with HDs.

The site looks interesting, thanks for the tip. Strange that their server is in Norway.


what chipset is that enclosure using?


I took it apart since the chipset is buried next to the PS. The writing on the chip is VERY hard to read, but it comes up as a Cypress CY7C68300A.

There are at least two versions of this enclosure. I bought one a few years back that had an external PS, but sold it to a friend so I don’t know what chipset is in there. He has a DVR-107 in it so it’s at least good for 8x. Setup another friend with the same box and drive so it’s reliable. I also have a Bytecc enclosure with an internal PS. Has an ALi M562 chipset and I’ve tested it at 8x without issue.



Strange. My enclosure has the same chipset by cypress but it is not compatible with the DVR-109. My other enclosure with the prolific chipset should arrive this week.


Given how cheap the Plumax/Prolific case is I see no reason to mess around with an unknown variable. Even the reseller has tested these with most optical drives (only LG seems to have problems).