What exactly is R32XSOU.ZIP for?



I have a LiteOn LTR32123S and I updated it when I installed it about 3 months ago to XSOR. I see where there is another update, XSOX. I downloaded it and when I unzipped it, it said "Only supports Liteon LTR32123S drive with firmware: XS01 - XS2Z. Am I correct in assuming that I should stay away from this one? Also, I have read on another forum that the LiteOn web site has been hacked and should not be trusted. Any truth in that ? Many thanks.


there is no problem with the firmware.
just install it like i did.


I flashed my 32123S with the XSOX firmware a week or so ago. works fine. Just do it.


Well I did it . :bow: Thanks a lot guys, appreciate it very much. Now im going to go try it out. :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: Works like a charm !