What exactly is Bit setting?

I have a Lite-On SOHW-812S
My standalone DVD player plays both + & - discs OK.
Is bitsetting only to do with getting standalone players to play + discs?
Am I way off, can someone explain it to me?

Hi there K-U-D ( :slight_smile: ) and welcome back ,

Acoording to this article :

By setting the bit type to DVD-ROM instead of DVD+R the DVD player is fooled and compatibility is enhanced on many DVD players.

In other words : Every dvd+R that you write suddenly acts as if it is a DVD-ROM ("Look at me ! I’m a pressed media and was sold in a normal shop ! I’m a movie !). Some standalone players are more compatible with DVD-ROM media than DVD+R or DVD-R.

If your standalone devices don’t have any problem at all playing your media , there’s no need to set any bit.

That is what I thought. I shall leave it well alone.
Many thanks,