What Exactly Is 1:1 Copy



Everyone i have seen many threads on this & other forums as well about 1:1 copy but still not understood it.

How do i make 1:1 copy.Do i have to use external cd/dvd drive to do that?

What i mean is one disc in laptop/computer drive,other is externally connected as it call destination drive,while making backup copy. Am i right?

please explain it properly iam :confused: any thoughts would be appreciated.
thanks in advance.


I am not sure what you mean by 1 to 1 copy. Is it a game cd or a dvd movie ??? Also what program are you going to use ?? You can copy to your hard drive and then the program will ask you to put a blank cd or dvd in your drive. In my opinion unless you have a real fast machine to copy on the fly or directly from one drive to the other bypassing the hard drive is not a good idea.


(1) Put the Dvd that you wish to copy from in the drive you wish to rip the complete Dvd from, save it to your hard drive in either ISO/MDS or AUDIO/VIDEO_TS.


(1) Burn the output from that rip, (no changes), to a Dual Layer (8.5 GBs) blank Dvd.




Thanks all of you.

@scotton Is it a game cd or a dvd movie ???
well i have si-app data dvd.I tried to make a backup copy of it ,but still yet not succeeded.I thought may be 1:1 copy is diffrent procedure,but
i already tried a way as beef barley describe.any way thankyou gentleman.

Any one knows about techline si-app dvd?


@jackyshaikh: it’s difficult to know how to help unless we know what the DVD content is.

Is it:

[li]A movie[/li][li]A PC game[/li][li]A console game (ie PS2/3, PSP. GameCube, Wii… etc)[/li][li]A car Satellite Navigation disc[/li][li]Some other software (PC or Mac)[/li][/ul]

Also is this query related to your other thread here:


Incidentally a “1:1” copy means each bit on the source disc is copied to the new one.


The dvd jackyshaikh is trying to backup appears to be an automotive reference manual for GM products (I believe meant for auto technicians and dealers.) It seems to have safedisc protection and possibly other protection as well. jackyshaikh posted more info in the software forum.


Thanks uSerKey but here is no luck,so far.

@imkidd57 Thanks for answer of 1:1 copy.


^ If it’s a safedisc protected dvd you will never have any luck as it isn’t possible to produce a physical copy of a safedisc protected dvd that will work without some form of emulation. [Note: no dvd burner can burn dvds in raw mode.]

If you wish to make a back-up that will work with emulation, see tutorial by kalas. :clap:


Like suggested in the other thread(s): i think your old laptop burner isn’t first choice for new DL media OR isn’t fully supported by Alcohol.
You’re sure you’ve activated RMPS emulation in Alcohol or Daemon Tools before you insert the RMPS copy ?

As mentioend before: you can also try to create/burn an emulated Safedisc copy with Blindwrite 6 - if you rather assume Alcohol to be the culprit.


Thanks for the sugestion.I will see if that tutorial help in making a copy.

Do you think my laptop burner is old,its a HP PAVILLION dv2000 Bought it one and half year back.I can put whole confuguration if you want to see this is not culprit for my task.

I think i did activated RMPS Option while inserting,but let me try one more time.If anycase it does’t work i will try to burn it in alchol one more
time.thanks for helping again Terramex.


[QUOTE=jackyshaikh;2110096]Do you think my laptop burner is old,its a HP PAVILLION dv2000 Bought it one and half year back.[/QUOTE]Sorry, my bad, i mixed things up.
Thought that LG model is much older.

Which DL media have you tried, yet ?

P.S.: maybe you get some hint if you search the forum for [I]4084N[/I]; there are other threads dealing with read/write issues.


Well i have tried hp DL before then other one is charcoal DL which was not good,then this time i use imation one.What do you think,which one is good?

I will defenately keep searching on forums,thanks once again.:slight_smile:


^ You should only use Verbatim +R DL. No other brand matches its reliability.


Is it much superior quality then IMATION? Whats special in this VERBATIM +R DL Only reliability.why Iam asking because its very difficult to get this stuff here in kuwait.Hope someone must be dealing in this.

Thanks Philamber.