What Exactly does TLA 0202 fix on PX-716?

I just returned my PX-716UF to BB because it was TLA 0001.

Now I’m wondering if I did the the wrong thing. ???

There aren’t any TLA 0202 on the shelves at BB in (6) Denver area stores, the latest is TLA 0101 and it just arrived today. I know because I returned my TLA 0001 last night, and they were out of stock. They told me they were unloading a truck, but it would be tomorrow. Well, that story checked out both on the online website which said out of stock last night, and in-stock this morning. Called and checked, but only TLA 0101 on the new stock this morning.

PX-716A’s are on the shelves with TLA 0202, but not the external PX-716UF.

Was this a mistake? Was I duped by a Pied Piper?

Any help appreciated here…I miss my Plextor.

Would I be better off getting a PX-716A TLA 0202 and putting it in a USB/i1394 external enclosure?

TLA 0202 = Hardware revision 2, firmware 1.02.
The first two digits are the hardware revision, the second two digits are the last two of the firmware version. Try and get the latest hardware revision.

I have already “tried” to get the latest hardware revision.

The question is, “why” should I be trying? What was broken? Does anyone know, or is this just off-repeated concern over nothing?

If no one knows what is being fixed in a hardware revision, it could mean anything, or nothing. Adding rubber feet to the base, relocating a hole in the case.

What problem got fixed for you by going to TLA 0202?

hey Tom, i have a 2 716As - 0101 and 0202. i don’t notice much difference in burns at all. nobody really knows the differences in hardware revisions but, obviously, everyone wants the newest hardware revision.

your idea of getting an 0202 A and putting it in an external case might be an option (cheaper too, no?). i’d say definitely stay away from HW revision 00 by all means.

I don’t know what was fixed but often it is a minor change. If tou were not having a problem, why return it?

Good question!

Because I don’t know what might have been wrong with it, so it’s safer to act on fear?

No one else seems to know either!

I don’t know what to do now…

get an 0202/3 A and put it in your own external enclosure.

There are many many threads of not being able to achieve 16x burning using external enclosures, so a word of CAUTION before you decide to put an IDE Plextor in an external case.

I have a Pioneer A08 in a Plumax USB/1394 combo case and only after I had updated the Prolific chip firmware was I able to finally burn at 16x using Firewire.

That’s a big worry then.

but how would that be any different than a UF (which is just an ATAPI drive in a Plextor branded external case)?

drpino, short answer: different chipset, as mentioned by fljoemon. USB case with Profilic chipset is able to reach 16x speed, but I don’t know if 716A is compatible with the chip.

thanks for the clarification zevia! :slight_smile:

so what do you think Tom should do? i think he’s going through withdrawal at this point. :wink:

Since we’re not sure what the difference between the TLAs, it’s best if we can get the latest TLA which is 02xx. For Tom, I would suggest to wait until 716UF TLA02xx reaches bestbuy. I’m confident that newer made 716UF has 02xx drives from the factory, my guess right now they are emptying their warehouse. Once all 716UF 0101 is out, they will start shipping 716UF with TLA 0202/0203.

Or buy 0101 now and exchange it later within 30 days for 02xx?? I don’t think it’s called cheating. Plextor should withdraw all 00xx and 01xx in my opinion. We all know that TLA00xx burns coaster @16x, only good @4x and 8x, at least that’s my experience with two of my first 716a (TLA0000 and 0001).

If you’re anxious, but not impatient, you could order an external case and a PX716A or PX716SA from one of the places below:

PC Connection had a December only additional $50 rebate (in addition to Plextor’s on going through March 31st, 2005, $30 rebate)

PX716A due in Jan 15th, 2005 http://www.pcconnection.com/ProductDetail?Sku=5422309

PX716SA (no rebate) http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=10389160&loc=2065

Cases depend on preference (USB 2.0, Firewire 400/800 or SATA)
Cooldrives.com and QualityCables.com are affiliated and have superior pricing and selection. We purchase frequently from them and for some reason they aren’t real well known. Usually best pricing and selection. ie: http://www.cooldrives.com/5usb20fiopdr.html has an Oxford 911 chip (fastest)

Also see:http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=17-155-213&depa=0 if USB only (great price) or

There are many others to select from, sort of like buying shoes.
Newegg has some user comments and reviews on some products.

These aren’t the only places on earth, but a suggestion to get you started.
There’s always going to be something, better, faster and cheaper coming. Don’t go nuts waiting and waiting.

Good Luck…It’s not difficult once you know what you want in the end.

drpino’s right…I need rehab. It’s been a rough 24 hours without it.

I’m awarding the prize money to zevia for that wisdom. I hate to keep returning things, but if it’s not unethical to do so, I’m on my way to pick up a 30 day trial copy of TLA 0101.

Hopefully TLA 0202/3 is out soon.

hehe Tom, i can totally tell you’re taking things to the level you did with your rifle/bullet testing.

go for the 0101 in the meantime, wouldn’t want you to put any of that balistics knowledge to bad use :wink: :eek:


Even posting scans is the same:

Sleeved XP100 action
Smithed by Ronnie Long
Krieger cut rifled SS barrel, 14:1 twist 26" length
2 oz. trigger pull
McMillan BR stock
Weaver T36 target scope

5 shots ea. target

6mm PPC
27.8 gr. Vihtavuori N133
Fowler 66 gr flat base moly coated
Remington 7 1/2 small rifle bench rest primer
Ballistic coefficient .308
Comparator overall length 1.696
Average velocity 3313 fps
Std Deviation 14
Average group 0.205

Burned at 16x!

lol. nice one.