What exactly does DVD Fab Decrypter do?

I DLed the free version (HD link) as instructed at:

I’m trying to setup a program to use in place of RipIt4Me (when it doesn’t backup new movies) and I have read the detailed information link and still am wondering what exactly does DVD Fab Decrypter do:

Does it:

  • remove protected cells
  • remove tiny cells
  • remove useless menu cells
  • remove last VTS
  • blank bogus VTS
  • create PSL file
  • run an IFO cleanup
  • run FixVTS (or something like it) on full DVD

If it does all this, then it looks like all I need with this program is DVD Shrink and ImgBurn. Anyone know for sure about this stuff? Thank you.

You may not need shrink unless you want to put DVD9 on DVD5.

Take the plunge and try the free trial of Fab Platnium. You won’t look back.

R4ME was an awesome free proggy when it was still updated, you get what you pay or not pay for, so if you want an all in one try DVDFab Platinum, not free but comes with 30 day free trial…you will not be dissappointed, IMO!!! :slight_smile:

alan ,I was typing too slow as usual I guess…

Does it do all those things? If not, which ones doesn’t it do? :confused:

Your never going to find all that at this point in time with a couple click software :disagree:

I know you posted what you want but are you ever going to get an Ipod or a Zen then try DVDFab Platinum.

This is ridiculous, I just asked a simple question. Anyone know? :confused:

No :rolleyes: You came here for help why the sarcasm?

I guess no one knows…It’s free so use it and see what it does for yourself…

Does it:
- remove protected cells	Yes
- remove tiny cells		Maybe
- remove useless menu cells	No
- remove last VTS		No
- blank bogus VTS		Maybe
- create PSL file		No
- run an IFO cleanup		Yes
- run FixVTS (or something like it) on full DVD	No. Has its own cleanup function

I could be wrong now since the last time I was checking on several versions back. You can run a test on Arccos titles to find out for sure and compare it with RI4M. Other than that, only the authors know the details to your questions.

I would be interested in knowing this too :).

Hey now. We all would :bigsmile:

Not sure why anyone would not try a 30 day free trial…and see for themselves if it works or not…instead of b****ing and whining… :sad:


toaddub, thanks for the info. That’s helps a lot. I guess DVD Fab doesn’t have a log file that gives details on what it does like RipIt4Me…maybe that was RipIt4Me’s downfall. If DVD Fab has its own cleanup functions, maybe it doesn’t have to do some of that other stuff. Anyway, that should help for the time being and I’ll try it as soon as I have to.

To t0nee1 and rolling56:
It wasn’t sarcasm. And I asked a specific question that required a specific answer. I was basing using the product on the answer to the question and my need for the product. I’m not the type to just install something and run it without checking it out first. It seems someone else is doing the whining. I appreciate the help I get at forums, but when people don’t answer my question but instead tell me to do stuff I don’t need to do that’s when I get irritated.

I don’t need DVD Fab right now because all the new movies I bought still backup fine with the other method. When I do, I’ll install it and give it a try. Thank you.

@SkaarjMaster i answered your question here in post #6. Then you went on to say give me a straight answer…

Give Fab a try and if it doesn’t do what you want then remove it.

Also Fab Decrypter is Free for ever. :clap: A.K.A. DVDFab HD Decrypter.

HDfatboy wrote" Also Fab Decrypter is Free for ever. A.K.A. DVDFab HD Decrypter. :iagree:
But remember he wants specifics, we dont’ want to further irritate him… :sad:

You’re so right. What makes you think he’s a him? :confused:

Now you’ve done it, he or she is irritable for sure…back to Fab HD, I do love the freebies ,but again you get what you pay for in Platinum for all in one solution it’s pretty cool!