What exactly are those skips?

Sometimes my burned discs end up having one or two skips at some point during one or more of the songs. You can only really notice them if you headphones on, or if you’re playing the disc really loud. They’re just tiny little skips. They’re definitely skips on the disc itself, as they happen at the exact points every time (and no, I’m definitely not burning on scratched CD-Rs). I was thinking it might be ‘buffer-underun’, but isn’t that when the disc is just completely unreadable?

Some drives don’t extract audio perfectly so they could be digital glitches. My first cd drive was so bad at extracting audio i actually got pops and clicks. Try Exact Audio Copy to extract your files. It’s supposed to be able to correct errors like that, if thats the case.

Otherwise try other media like Taiyo Yuden.

Burrrn is a good alternative for burning audio CDs too. For extracting audio from CDs, try EAC as suggested, or CDex. :slight_smile:

Edit: burning the audio CD at a slower speed may help, too. I like to burn audio at 16x, but everyone has their preference.

Crap media.
Burn slower.