What Exact LITE-ON Models Are Available In Australia?

I need some help and advice plz from my fellow country-men (hint FutureProof maybe ;)) to at what exact LITE-ON DVD-ROM and CD-RW drive models are available through SYNNEX Australia.

I have spoken to quite a few dealers around local (Sydney) and interstate, and they have informed me that the following units:

  1. LTD-163 DVD-ROM
  2. LTR-24102B CD-RW
  3. LTR-32123S CD-RW
  4. LTR-40125S CD-RW

are the only current models available here in Australia and SYNNEX will not deal with any other model variants, such as:

  1. LTD-163D DVD-ROM
  2. LTD-165H DVD-ROM
  3. LTR-24103S CD-RW
  4. LTR-32123W CD-RW
  5. LTR-40125W CD-RW

unless a higher speed DVD-ROM & CD-RW comes out within the future.

Is this true?

Thx in advance for any help and assistance.


Clonester :slight_smile:

I bought the 32123s cdrw from the computer fair mob that alternates between Sydney and Canberra. I paid 200 dollars about a month ago.

I can say that it was one of the best computer buys that I’ve ever made!

Burn - surf the net - listen to mp3s - play games all at the same time…and get a perfect burn!

if this is true this is EXCELLENT indeed ive been trying to find out the version of the ltr-2410 that they are selling here in sydney and all synnex says is that they cant tell me what model it is they just say its a 2410 that is it. you may have helped me out thank you