What Ever Happened With ripit?

ripit: We are waiting for you what has happened with you, hope things going OK for you. We are just want to hear from you that all.

As you probably already know, I posted pretty late. I had to reinstall windows on the computer that is conected to the internet (it was long over due anyway) and had a few issues. Nothing major though, I cannot find my motherboard driver disk so no ethernet drivers, so no eithernet port to conect my cable modem. I wound up just throwing in an ethernet card (I have a couple spare ones). I also had to play with filezilla a little to get setting right to log on here. It was just minor stuff like that. Now that I am online I can just download the mother board drivers.

Where is Carmen Santiago? LOL

Ripit, go download NLITE, slipstreaming software that you can add all the drivers into windows and it will automatically load the drivers for you when you install windows. It is a free software and user friendly. You can also add hot fixes and updates into it. Pretty nifty stuffs.
goto: www.nliteos.com
and download the software, free

I have to go thru this route because I am running raid config and I do not have a floppy drive so I load my raid driver in it along with my ethernet and my bluetooth keyboard and mouse, by the way, dont ever get bluetooth keyboard and mouse, you cant do anything with it when you play with your system as much as I do. The mouse and keyboard only work in windows so you cant never be able to go into the CMOS. I really really hate it since I go into my cmos setting a few times a week to tweek thing here and there.

ripit I am glad everything is allright with you and thanks for posting this week ads also. The software ghetocowboy posting look like promising and I might try to see how is it work, If this software does all the search, downloading and install the drivers then that would be really cool.

etp; If I may ask where you heading the road?, for what?, where and what area you will be visiting?.

I’d also recommend nLite. Then after the install is done and install all NECESSARY programs and tweaks, make an image with Ghost or TrueImage. Then it only takes a few minutes to reload the image anytime you bork something.

I used to use ghost but quit when I started using raid arrays (it doesn’t support them). I have an acronis true image backup on one of my systems now (an image of a clean install with drivers and basic software installed). I had a few problems with it though and don’t fully trust it yet (just started using acronis), so I’ll check out nLite. Thanks for the recomendation. The main problem I can forsee though (ran into this when using ghost), by the time I probably need it, I will most likley have changed hardware around enough that a clean install might be best anyway?

I just went there to check it out, and couldn’t download any *.exe file (from the main site or the mirrors).

Ripit - did you try Belarc or the free version of Everest home edition to see what make and model ethernet card/motherboard you have. You can then search the web for those drivers.

Both give a great summary of the entire OS along and Belarc provides MS software keys.
I recommend doing it before any reinstall (and after if you need manufacturer info).

You don’t have to go that far to find out what brand of M/B or Video card you have Nero Info Tools give you all this information when you click on harware.

the motherboard is an abit nf7-s and the ethernet card is a siemens speedstream. I haven’t bought an oem computer in years and I know what every single part in my computers are (I change stuff around enough I should). I just lost the driver disk for the motherboard (I have it somewhere) and without ethernet, there’s no internet conection to download anything (though I know right where to get the drivers on abits site). I have 3 eithernet cards in the original boxes with documentation and software sitting on the shelf (used cards bought new by me), but since pretty much all motherboards have onboard ethernet these days, they don’t get used too often. I just grabbed a spare card off the shelf to use temporarilly till I go download drivers off abits site or find my disk.