What ever happend to CDRsoft.net?

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I really miss www.cdrsoft.net. It was one of those really good sites. I loved checking the updates to find new things to play around with. But then this week and the…

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http://slc.dyn.kpn.cx/ is a good alternative

since I don’t have all that much to say on the subject of cdrsoft.net (yes, I did view it, my first time being about a month and a half ago…yes, it was nice…and yes, I am sad to see it go), anyhow, what I’d like is if someone would look here and answer my question, which I will now pose to you: I have a P2 300 mhz comp, with an ATI Rage Pro 3d/2d card (Primary), and a Voodoo2 card (for 3d games, obviously), now, what I would like to know is if there is a good quality 3d card that will fit in a PCI slot for a reasonable price? I was saddened to see that the GeForce2 was AGP only…the Voodoo4 isn’t coming out for awhile (???), and the Voodoo5 PCI may be overkill…I dunno…can someone help? please???

Shockheaded_Kurt; I use the VooDoo III 3000 card. It’s not the best card money can buy, but it’s cheap and works fine for me. It comes in a PCI and a AGP version.

Maybe this is the card for you?

Ps. I really liked cdrsoft.net. Doesn’t anybody know why theu quit (did they quit at all?)…

Hi! I visited the site about a years or so and I really love this site, cause it has offered everything around Recording software and tools! I think they probably have gone. Sad, but i think that, cause nothing was updated for 2 Weeks and finally there are a lot of sites that are offering the same things. I hope not that it is the end of cdrsoft, but somehow it looks like.

PS: I’m offering a site, too, which will get bigger when i get my flatrate. For now it’s small, but wait, some people want to connect their site with my site. If you are interested to visit my site and to give comments then get here:



alternative for CDRsoft.net


posted 15-06-2000 12:14
the1englishman Administrator

what happens with cdrsoft.net , i cant say . i only look after the forum side of things …but dont worry iam sure golem hasnt given up just yet!!! :-)))

cdrsoft.net is back up!



nice site, but a bit not up2date and there are no explanations for the files they offer. Not really userfriendly. In my oppinion not an alternative to CDRSoft, but nice(the most things are really not up2date!).

Hey, I have always used cdrsoft.net, and remember once the site went through a period whereas it was not updated for while, then when it came back, it had awsome updates! Just sit and wait, I am sure the site op has not given up!!

cdrsoft is not gone
look here

greetings Bobbo

another nice site whit links


I really don’t know what U guys are talking about!
Just been there ( http://www.cdrsoft.net/index2.html ) !
Ok, last update is 3-6-2000 but they still excist!


ps. Interceptor: I’m with you waiting (4 the 2nd time!)

sorry guys, but IT REALLY IS STILL THERE!!!

We really got a lot of questions about CDRSoft. The case that some people did notice downtime and other not, could be a DNS server change, as CD Freaks has had several times…

I am sad about cdrsoft being down …
But many other sites are growing up …
just like www.filez4u.w3.to
Will now this site hasn´t got the quality like cdrsoft.net
But site is getting bigger and bigger
And this weekend there will be the english burning section !
Just take a look !

CU !

Yeah, www.filez4u.w3.to has got mp3 too; enjoying…

Seems to me there are a lot of “wana be´s” wanting to replace cdrsoft…it wont happen.give golem a break,he has been offering the good stuff quickly for a long time now…everyone needs to chill out and get away from it all every now and then!!at the moment the site has been going through big server trouble,the forum should now be very stable with its own domain www.cdrforum.com but the main site could still have the odd trouble as its on a diferent server… relax it aint over till the fat bitch sings!!!

It probably hasnt gone down, just remember whoever runs it has a life and maybe a family etc, work. Things pop up and have to be sorted. It will be back trust me. Just give him some time. There is a life outside of the internet and Cd copying!!!