What encoder does CloneDVD use and is it possible to change it?

What encoder does CloneDVD use and is it possible to change it to get better quality back-ups?

Are you referring to the one made by Slysoft or the fake clonedvd made from some unknown country?

I could be wrong, but I had always belived that it doesnt have an encoder within the program. But was designed to be used with anydvd. With that said; there is no reason that you couldnt use some other encoder.
From my experience I have found anydvd to be one of the best software purchases that I have ever made. I have only ran into tow seperate occations where anydvd didnt work. And they were quickly fixed with a update. I know of no other company freeware or comercial that has a better product, and keeps it up to dayte as well as slysofts products…

crofty83 -

SlySoft/Elaborates Bytes CloneDVD software program does not ‘Encode’ it ‘Transcodes’.

A direct quotation from the SlySoft and Elaborate Byte Web Site states CloneDVD uses “specialized transcoding technology”.



I believe your inquiry would be better answered if you directed your inquiry be to either SlySoft or Elaborates Bytes Technical Support.


knight_stalker -

It appears you are slightly confused as to the functions of AnyDVD/CloneDVD software programs. I believe if you reviewed the AnyDVD & CloneDVD User Tutorial you would better understand how the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software program combination functions. The AnyDVD software program removes copy protection encryption from Commercial DVD Movies and the CloneDVD software program though transcoding “compresses” the Commercial DVD Movie to a smaller size and burns to blank DVD -/+ Media.



I thought that is what I had said. Clonedvd doens have an encoder within it, but is desined to work with anydvd. Wich is a decryptor.


I’d like to clarify a few things here:

No, CloneDVD was not “designed” to work with AnyDVD, allthough both do a very nice job together when working hand in hand :slight_smile: .
CloneDVD will make copies of unencrypted and non-copyprotected DVDs as a standalone software.
AnyDVD simply “removes” the copyprotection and encryption from your DVDs and lets them appear unprotected to the system. That’s why then CloneDVD is able to cope with encrypted DVDs.
So both products actually perform very distinct tasks.

Concerning the “encoder” and any resulting bad or good quality: yes, CloneDVD comes with its own transcoding engine. It’s not exactly wrong to call this an encoder, as a transcoder simply is a combination of a decoder and an encoder in one.
But the transcoder comes with a few extra tricks, which result in an optimal quality, like preserving the key frames.
This results in significantly better quality than a simple decoding and reencoding process, that would be a very lossy one.

I strongly doubt that it is possible to transcode to a better quality than CloneDVD2 already does.
The result is bound to its limits given by the format required by the DVD specification, which is MPEG-2.

I hope this answers some of your questions.

it’s nice to see another slysoft guy around Peer


Yeah, hi, nice to meet ya :wink:

As I was reading Peer’s posting, I was wondering if I would finally react to the imporper spelling of the SlySoft product’s name as routinely used within CDF (CloneDVD when it should be CloneDVD2). Imagine my surprise when I saw the author was a SS employee (& he’s not the only one).

I love the product line and believe the company is outstanding but we confuse users (especially newbies) when we accept the improper spelling. How many uninformed users did a search on the wrong name and purchased the wrong product? Even the name of the forum is CloneDVD.

An additional thought is that we generally argue we are committed to protecting copyright holder’s rights. At least we don’t support questions regarding cracks, etc. It would seem as though CloneDVD challenges the trademark CloneDVD2 (If it is protected). If we accept the improper name when we mean the SS product, I think we are undermining our efforts to support a legitimate business.

Welcome Peer

Don’t worry too much about the spelling. In fact “CloneDVD” (without the 2) is a registered trademark, owned by Elaborate Bytes, Switzerland. So the Chinese CloneDVD.net is violating it in any case.
Also, internally we refer to the product as CloneDVD, not as CloneDVD2 - pretty much for the same reason, most e-mails begin with “Hi” instead of “Hello”. Or the same reason you’d say “Firefox” and not “Firefox 1.52”.

And yes, SlySoft’s CloneDVD (2 oder not) rules, SlySoft is the best, forget the rest, and so on and all the usual, … :wink:

While I agree, that it would help our readers here to not confuse CloneDVD2 with the fake, it would induce search engines like Google not to find pages with this spelling, if the user types “CloneDVD” as the search expression. Even worse, it might favor the copy.

We all repeat together: “CloneDVD is a fine product we can buy from [B]SlySoft[/B]. We may call it CloneDVD 2, if we wish to do so. If we refer to some product with a similar name, that is not being sold by SlySoft or Elaborate Bytes, we will despisingly refer to it as ‘the inferior plagiarism, unrightfully named CloneDVD.net’”. :cool:

So all this talk about confusement concerning the name only teaches us, that there is a good reason why trademarks exist and that the infringement of such not only is a pain to the owner, but the customers as well…

Thank you ever so much :slight_smile: